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Pancetta Tesa Mold


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I have been making pancetta for the first time. I have experience with the curing process doing things like bacon and cold smoked salmon in the past but this is the first time I have ever hanged anything.


After a week of curing it has had 11 days  hanging so far (I was planning on taking it to 28 days hanging) Although I foolishly forgot to weigh it. 

It smells really good like some awesome salami and the outer rim of the pancetta looks lovely and rich and dark.

It was a recipe by Kuhlman in one of their charcuterie books.

But when I inspected it today it had the mould growing on it as in the pics below. I have since scrubbed the mould off with white wine vinegar and returned it to the cellar. Is it wise to continue?








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Hi Daniel,


I tried pancetta. We have a high population of Italians here locally and the imported pancetta is hard to compete with. When I made mine I put it in a small frig in the basement (too warm of a basement to hang cure). 

I did cover the meat with Bactoferm mold (the white stuff found on sausages). I also put a jar with white vinegar in the frig. 

The white mold hardly grew. The vinegar I think kill off everything. 

hope this helps - happy holidays

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