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  1. Hello, I am creating this prestarter for christmas day lunch. Decided to cook sweatbreads after seeing it on Masterchef! This is the recipe I am using https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/veal-sweetbreads-recipe-parsnip-air-and-curry-oil In the picture I have circled in red a layer under the Sweatbread there is no mention of it in the recipe and I have no idea what it may be apart from maybe something like caviar! Anybody have any ideas or is it part of the sweatbread? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Great thanks everyone for your response I will probably get some Japanese Knives :)
  3. Hey First post on here! Getting very into cooking and over the years I have acquired the following: Pasta maker Sous Vide Vaccum sealer Whipping Siphon Kenwood chef mixer Chinois All the other usual bits Need present ideas for about £300-£350 total for Christmas So came up with the following 1)Mandoline 2)Smoking Gun 3) Konro grill I have access to a basic bbq So just wondering if I could one of these or anything else you can think off and your personal experiences of
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