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Theory in pairing with alcohol shots?

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Hey so i'm pretty new to all of this, and i was wondering if anyone knew why some things work better than others when pairing with alcohol shots? Like how salt and a lime helps eliminate the sting of a shot of tequila.

I recently helped filmed a segment for my friends where they experiment with some shot/food combinations, and I was tasked with coming up with the ideas for the next segment.


Here's the video, went pretty well i think!


The most surprising thing we found out is that boiled beets work really well as a palate cleanser after taking a shot. I would never have guessed that because it always seemed like a fairly subtle taste to me ?


Would anyone have any good ideas for the next video, or things that would work well to balance out the harshness of shots of different alcohols?


Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks :D !


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