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Vertical Slow Juicers


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2 minutes ago, TdeV said:

Please report other things you do with it!


Beet juice works well, as does apple.  I don't want to give the misleading impression that this is an appliance I use every day.  However I need a batch of orgeat tomorrow.


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1 minute ago, liuzhou said:

That c@rn drink is very, very common here in China. Bunch of perverts, obviously!


In China do they use sweet corn or field corn for making juice?  How is it typically prepared?



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11 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


In China do they use sweet corn or field corn for making juice?  How is it typically prepared?




How would I know? I refuse to even sit at the same table with people who obviously take delight in hating food. I'm certainly not going to be questioning them (if I was in law enforcement, I might!) about the details of their deviant activities. They might think I want to join in!


(I'll ask the next time I have the chance, but I'd guess it is sweet corn.)

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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1 hour ago, ellamacrow said:

Bought the A*Juicer about a month back from Evercare Innovation. Before that I was considering Omega VRT402 from Healthy Lifestyle Singapore but the huge price difference (less than half) swayed my decision in getting the A*Juicer.

According to the boss of EI (who is also a Hurom distributor), the A*Juicer is significantly cheaper because it's assembled in China. Hurom units like Omega are all manufactured in Korea.

I juice vegetables+fruits about twice a week & have been satisfied until about a week ago when I noticed a hairline crack at the bottom of my fine strainer. Brought it back to their Woodlands service center & they kindly replaced it with a newer strainer. This time the replacement strainer seemed to have 'reinforced' metal plates at the base. Perhaps this will make it stronger & less breakable I suppose.

The major issue with all vertical juicers is the weakness of their strainers which must endure extreme outward force as hard fruits go through the cold press process downwards the spiral auger. If anything that is going to fail first, I believe it's going to be the strainer.

Anyway this is an image of what a heavy duty (HD) ultem strainer looks like:
Most of the newer models of all competing brands use this type of strainers.

Apparently horizontal masticating juicers never have such a problem even after 10 years of usage.

As for the latest & greatest innovation on vertical juicer right now it's from a company called Kuvings if cost is not an issue. Saw the Kuvings Wide Mouth Silent Juicer on demo at Sutera Mall in Johor yesterday (RM 2,298/=). It is expensive because you can feed the entire apple fruit into the chute. A real time saving if you have a lot to juice daily:


Kuvings is what I have.  Yes, it will process a whole apple (a small apple) but I usually cut mine up anyhow.


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