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MilkStreet TV

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Ive seen the first ep of


Milk Street TV


w you know know  CK


aside from my views on CK


it a decent show and Im able to Cap it w my over the air HD TV


at the end of the show


they say you can see the show for free and all the others at 




it flips over in my area to  the Milk street site that wants your email etc


to here :




not quite the same.


no matter


its very different from ATK


no Bobsie Twins , and a guest chef or two.


there is an audience , but they have paid to be there as 


MS also has classes and it seems they film them , perhaps 


then they might be part of the TV show


in the first week :


Chinese Whit3e Cooked Chicken


and Sizzling oil veg


a la Fuchsia Dunlop


and a brief review of a Chinese Cleaver.


P.S.:  F.D.:  I mis-heard them : " you can get the Rx's at our website "


you can not view the videos.



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@rotuts  thanks for the link.  We just watched it and from our perspective, the jury is still out.  That may have been because the recipes they prepared didn't appeal to us, but we'll give it s few more watches.  It was also interesting that their first cookbook is already for sale.  Ka-Ching!

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I got an email from Milk Street telling me that the new show was to air on Saturday.

Well, as usual, I checked the channel listing for our PBS and no Milk Street to be found.  We still haven't got the first 'new' season of ATK that was shown elsewhere last year!

Living in a low population, semi rural area Is often like stepping backward in time (although this is sometimes an advantage).

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1 hour ago, rotuts said:



were you able to watch this on-line ?


Yes.  I got it on-line through your link and we cast it to our TV.  @rotuts  did you pick up on the sous vide comment?

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@rotuts  interesting then, that it took the departure of CK for ATK to develop cookbooks for the IP and also for sous vide.

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it is.


still , the ATK cabal never uses SV or PC cooking


as i understand it , and might be wrong


the ATK revenue stream is no longer a Flood , but probably not a trickle.


no new news I can find on the ATK vs CK suits.


CK/MS won its suite on its name , there being a Milk Street Cafe nearby that objected. 

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Ive just seen Milk Street 102


their second show


My iMac gets these PBS show over the air in HD


then I edit them and keep them for future viewing or to fill up the many TB HD's I have.


this show has Ck  visit  London where he vista Claire Patak's Violet Bakery


[ed.:  nice ! a tax free trip ! more power to you ! }


they make a Prune Oat Scone Cake


I learned a few things there .  FDS  Im not a balker


then they came back to Milk Street and did a very similar cake w " what we learned '


it looked tasty


then a Brown Sugar tart


I also learned a few things


NB  Im not a baker


over all , this show  , so far , if you can see it or cap it


i.e. its at an attractive price of 0


is worth it to me to watch


Shy CK  needs a Brown Apron and the other Cooks have a nice blue one


I won't go into


but this , so far , for me is a very decent show to watch and consider.


no , Im not getting a brown apron


the light blue ones were spiffy


and Im not getting those either



I do have the Violet Bakery cookbook coming soon from my library network


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