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Using sodium lactate in gummy candies


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I'm trying to tweak a gummy candy formula to meet the flavor expectations of management (aka "The Money"). I wanted to use sodium lactate as a possible solution instead of, or in combo with, adding tartaric or citric acids to achieve our flavor - think watermelon or pineapple with a bit of a sour edge to it. I think we're adding too much acid at this point and it is affecting how the product is setting.

I was hoping someone might have some experience in using this as an additive in candies and could give me a rough idea of where to start as far as a ratio or percentage? I've looked around and so far have found soap making information or some seriously heavy food chemistry articles. And as an extension of that any resources or books that would help educate me on creating formulas? I can make the candies, but I'm getting thrown into the deep end trying to duplicate someone else's product. I'm replacing the original chef of this company who bailed with all the formulas and I'm scrambling to get everything back on track (a whole different conversation there! :wacko: ).


Many thanks for any info!




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