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Chan Pei Mui 陳皮梅 (Chinese Preserved Plum Candy) Recipes?

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Anyone have a recipe for this?


They are getting harder to find in Asian groceries and when I do, they often have sucralose, erythritol, aspartame or other artificial sweetener that makes them distasteful. The main ingredients are licorice, mandarin peel, salt sugar. Does anyone have any recipes they can source from China? Links, thoughts?


It's my all time favorite preserved fruit to eat. Any help would be appreciated.



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陳皮梅 literally translates as 'orange / tangerine peel plum'. 'Chan Pei Mui' is the Americanized Cantonese; in the much more common Mandarin it is 'chén pí méi'. 陳皮梅 is traditional Chinese as used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and much of the Chinese diaspora but in Simplified Chinese used in Mainland China (i.e. by 95% of the population) they are 陈皮梅. Searches under Simplified Chinese characters or the Mandarin pronunciation or other names may give more results. I don't have access to Google at the moment so can't check. A search on Baidu, China's main search engine produced plenty of information in Chinese (mostly advertisements) but no recipes that I could see in the first ten pages of results.


That said, I've never heard of anyone making them at home here. Every corner shop has them.


Good luck!



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