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Greetings from Maine

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I have been reading these forums for quite sometime. I don't know why I never joined. But I am here now.


I have been cooking and baking professionally for about 20 years .I took some time off when I had my kids. Went back to it when they started school. They are grown and I am now baking at a hotel. We are coming into our busy season. Most people think the summer is the busiest with all the tourists and that is true for a lot of places. But for the hotel, the fall is the crazy time. We get a lot of people coming to see the fall foliage and enjoy the crisp New England air. Blueberry season is still happening and apple picking is just around the corner. I see blueberry pies in my sleep and soon apple.


I am excited to contribute and to also learn new things. :smile:

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Hi, Smokey17.  Welcome to eGullet.


I'm glad you've seen the light and now joined us!  You may have caught up with the discussions already, but recently we've been talking about blueberry pancakes made in an iSi siphon, and the newest eG Cookoff is all about apples.  Feel free to chime in.


See you in the forums.


Kind regards,



Leslie Craven, aka "lesliec"
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