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Greetings From MN


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Hello everyone! I stumbled on this community last night (or early this morning), when I was researching caramel rulers and other general process info for an aspiring caramel business I launched from my kitchen 2 years ago. I want to take this opportunity to say hello and thank you for the insights I've gleaned already in my review of the forum discussion.


The next step for me is to commercialize my products by finding a commercial space and taking incremental steps to get my product in stores and have the ability to ship. So, I will appreciate all the insight I can find here in that regard. I have been super impressed by the dialogue already and hope I can add to that as well. On a side note, I have an active CPA license (however can't give tax advice) and my day job is in corporate finance so may be able to offer insight into calculating margins and looking at things through a business lens. 


Talk soon...



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