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The UK Menu Game (2008-)


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Woflgang Puck

One of the Spagos, maybe Beverly Hills with the Oscars and all

Google tells me

Executive Chef, Lee Hefter, Chef de Cuisine, Thomas Boyce

Wot no Pizza?

I thought this was UK restaurants only..

Yes Spago's it is..

there have been a couple of foreign restaurants on here i think..

"Experience is something you gain just after you needed it" ....A Wise man

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A classic literary menu, translated from the French. What dish has been omitted, which would otherwise make it too easy?

One of which the author says "and in the high places of gastronomy, at those select gatherings where politics are forced to give way to dissertations upon taste, what do the guests hope for and long for as the second course?

A rosy hearted fillet of beef, larded and cooked in its own gravy

A haunch of venison with gherkin sauce

A boiled Turbot

A leg of pre sale mutton a la Provencal

Early green peas

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