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The UK Menu Game (2008-)


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Dead easy one including a couple of sigs, just because I fancy all of this right now:

pan fried squid with borlotti beans from Lamon, chilli,

parsley and chopped rocket

handmade pasta stuffed with slow cooked veal and pancetta

fish stew of Dorset blue lobster, langoustine, monkfish, sea bass, vongole with fennel, tomato, saffron potatoes and parsley

Amalfi lemon tart

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Another historic menu, harder, but most of these dishes (or close versions of them) would not be out of place on current menus.


For those who cant read the picture

Bill of Fare for March
First Course
                                            Mock Turtle
Mutton Rump                               Water Sokey                      Lamb Cutlets
                                     (Boiled plaice or flounders)
Rabbits                                                                       Fricasse of Veal
                                            Rump of Beef
Larks                                                                   Fricasse of Pigs Ears
                                            Rice Soup

Second Course

                                          Guinea Fowl
Stewed eggs and Spinach                                     Ragoo of Lambs Tails
                                        Almond Cakes
Tartlets                                                               Ribs of Lamb
Macaroni                                                             Asparagus
                                        Roast Capon

Chef and Establishment?

Hint: London 1796

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SPICY BEEF GOULASH - Sautéed Spätzle, Parsley, Marjoram and Paprika

Farmer’s Cheese, Parmesan, Mint, Chervil and Hazelnut Brown Butter

in the spirit of last weekend....

"Experience is something you gain just after you needed it" ....A Wise man

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