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  1. So I got back from Hong Kong earlier this week, I have posted aboput my lunch at Lung King Heen here on my blog http://beirutibrit.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/lung-king-heen-foureasons-hotel-hong-kong/http://beirutibrit.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/lung-king-heen-foureasons-hotel-hong-kong/ and will continue to update it as and when i can get around to it. Lunch was absolutely outstanding, food and service were just outstanding and I was so glad I went. I also made to Tsim Chai Kee for breakfast noodle wonton soup which was also excellent, Wellington St not only boasts them, Maks noodles across the road but many, many other options including a couple of dumpling places I went to and will post about later. Hong Kong is a great foodie city and I cant wait to return! Thanks to all for the recommendations!
  2. Thanks YSL, Tsim chai kee and maks sound great- I shall enjoy comparing!
  3. Thanks annachan - lung king heen and lau sum kee sound great!
  4. I am heading to hong king in a few weeks for a long weekend of exploring and eating and was hoping for some recommendations on where I should eat. I'm looking at local food, cheap to mid range and would be very grateful for any advice...
  5. nikkib

    Dinner! 2012

    Wow norm! Looks delicious!!!
  6. When living in India we had essentially the same considerations - a brilliant indicator of safety when choosing a dosa joint. now i know - will remember this for future reference!! great blog!!
  7. I really liked Artie's http://www.arties.com/ when we visited last a few years back. Couldn't speak to its authenticity but we had a good meal and a lot of fun at Zabars (which is across the road) later
  8. I saw this on tv the other day and it looked so delicious and pretty easy to do, also a bit different...... http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/ultimate-beef-braciole-recipe/index.html
  9. Thanks liuzhou - yes I'm here in singapore and know there are a huge array of noodle dishes and wouldn't imagine they'd give the recipe out - fun to see them though. What sort of noodles do you cook at home?
  10. I chop them up with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and coriander and stuff into pita bread with pan fried halloumi - and as per post before this, I stuff them with feta
  11. Maybe people could share their favorite noodle recipes from whichever region of china/ the world they are from.... Granted "noodles" is a big topic and I'm sure complex to address but I for one would be keen to see what you all recommend...,
  12. I sent my mum and dad there with friends for a post theatre meal recently as I have heard good things about it. She said the atmosphere was excellent, bustling and lively even at 11pm still and spoke very highly of the fish soup and a seabream main course she had served with fennel and sauce vierge. Sounds like a good spot for pre/post theatre dining
  13. hey alder1, you should be able to find zatar in Uk quite easily now - its a Middle eastern herb blend, mostly dried tyme, oregano and sesame amongst others. have a feeling I saw it in Waitrose when i was last back - if you are near london teh spice shop in notting hill sells it and I am pretty sure you can order from them online too
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