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Pantry organization

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I know on google there are tons of tips on pantry organization but I'm more interested in your advice.

I have a decent size pantry, I know I need some racks to sort cutting boards and baking trays. Some stackable bins http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001P5NJFW/ref=gno_cart_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2NVEKMQTGKOW8

to organize tools and jars. I have tons of glass jars, all the same, that I use to store open ingredients. I have some bigger bins bought from King Arthur's flour for storing flour, sugar.

Do you mind sharing your favorite products to organize your pantry and any useful tip?


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My "pantry" for canned goods and other non-perishable stuff consists of 2 metal shelving units in my attached garage. Periodically, have to do a reorganization. Not a stickler over dates on cans, but sometimes end up with a LOT of one item. When nice tomato products are on sale, I'll stock up... I use them a LOT, so they move. Not a big fan of canned soup, but like a few of the Progresso varieties... have to curb myself from buying when they're on sale!?! I never pass up the "good" tuna... imported in olive oil.

If you've EVER found evidence of an unwanted VISITOR in your kitchen or pantry, you KNOW you just CAN'T store stuff in boxes & bags, especially if your pantry isn't right in your kitchen. Once found a case of over-sized canning jars at a yards sale (something like 1.5 quarts, maybe). They're perfect for bag/box stuff like rice, small pasta, etc.

My kitchen isn't TEENY, but not great storage space. Lower cabinets have a USELESS shelf in each one, about halfway toward the back... LOST space underneath, imo. Found a rectangular, plastic basket that holds cutting boards nicely. My 4 bakiing sheets sit propped up along side of counter on floor... no better place than I can think of.

My challenge is plastic storage containers?? If a container doesn't have a lid (or vice versa), it goes in recycle bin. Beside storing left-overs, most common use for me is for taking lunch to work... usually something to microwave. Once a container shows signs that something got too hot... it gets recycled.

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