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Eating with an ulcer

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It is a strong suspicion (confirmed by my doc) that I have developed an ulcer. She advised me to modify my diet and its a foodie nightmare. She recommended no soda (I can deal with this although I do like a diet coke in restaurants), no alcohol, no coffee and no spicy foods. I'm a spicy food junkie so this is the one that is going to trip e up I'm sure.

Anyone here deal with an ulcer?

Advice, tips, etc?

She did say that she was ok with me drinking sparkling water as long as it had only bubbles and water - no citric acid, etc.

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I would question that no spicy foods thing....The last I read on the subject capsaicin, not being good for a ulcer was a myth.. In fact it is thought to be protective of the stomach lining.

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