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  1. She may just have an accent. which is something we can't really criticise her for. Personally I find Nigel Slater's way of talking very irritating, but I like to think he isn't camping it up deliberately. S ← I suspect its deliberate as with previously mentioned Hoomousse & Choritzo
  2. And her pronunciation of so many now everyday ingredients drives me insane, for example Balsamic (ballsarmic) Tarragon…etc I seems to me she wants to create her own Delia dictionary
  3. Hi I'm looking for a Sunday lunch venue near exeter (we have people coming from Plymouth, Okehampton and we need to get back on the A303 for journey home to surrey so quite close to the A30 is ideal) We are lunching @ Gidleigh Park on the saturday so don't need anywhere to expensive or high end, also will have kids with us so preferably looking for a good pub with food and ales. Thanks in advance sarah
  4. I noticed this in TV guide, tomorrow BBC4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/listings/prog...0_4544_51131_30 Cheers sarah
  5. Found this website earlier, thought you may fine it interesting http://www.airlinemeals.net/ Cheers Sarah
  6. Doodles, i wish i had known before We did look at Salvador Rojo but it was shut when we walked past and Egana was already booked Next time eh !! Thanks x
  7. Have just returned from 5 days in seville, thoroughly enjoying the people and tapas. We stayed at a lovely hotel very near the giralda...Probably the best location for us on a city break (i have often booked a little out of town unintentionally) http://www.hotelalminar.com We spent most of our eating time in and around Mateos Gago, i mixture of touristy and bustling with locals Tapas bars.. All highly enjoyable, nibbled on dishes such as - Rollitos De Berengenas y Gambas (Aubergine wrapped prawns fried) -Habitas Baby Enchorizodas(Baby Broad Beans + Chorizo) And Croquetas De Queso Manchego,Tort
  8. I think we paid around £80 between 4 to share the Whole truffle in Foie with Truffle sauce at Auberge d'lill in france It was so rich & truffley i feel you would die if attempted alone....! x
  9. I noticed over the weekend the mentioning of a restaurant called Relais De Venise. Apologies if has been open a while or already written about I was not aware of the Paris Branch I am very curious as to whether the London one is any good and if it can survive with a menu selection of: A salad with Walnuts, Entrecote steak,chips & special sauce-Med or Rare Desserts-choices Has anyone been? Sarah x
  10. we have been very happy with our Toledo90 for 2 years now Same as the one in photo Sarah W x
  11. So no more London Time out guides then ?!? Is the current one the last one? Sarah
  12. The whole thing just makes me cringe...
  13. Maybe not but we were shocked at £7+ for Tom and olive salad Pub food prices always shock me Obviously the place has gone downhill since you left the area ! Sarah
  14. QUOTE "Whatever's wrong with the Fort St George In England? tsk..." ************************************************************** Ummm the people, the toilets, a bench table that said "do not enter" with crime scene tape wrapped round and the pricey sounding menu Drinks were ok though Sarah x
  15. P.S Stayed at the Hotel Felix, lovely hotel I think i have seen the Restaurant graffiti mentioned b4, we didnt dine there but chatted to some people who said it was really good and one of their dishes included a catcus like veg they had never had before The hotel doesnt look immediately impressive when you pull due to annexe buildings near the car park but once inside the decor and ambience is lovely and our room was great.... http://www.hotelfelix.co.uk about 15-20mins walk to town Sarah
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