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  1. I went to Chef and The Farmer in Jan 2015, it was delicious. I was on the end of a terrible flu-like illness but I dragged myself there because we made our reservation a couple months in advance. We did not see Vivian or her husband - they weren't around but we did see some of the other cast of characters from the show hard at work in the kitchen.
  2. It appears it a deal of the month. I snatched up that offer!
  3. Thank you! I love Catalina dressing.
  4. Shelby I need your okra recipe. It looks perfect! Please
  5. We called them salmon patties and I liked them ok. I think I like them more now. My dad also used to make patties with canned mackerel (maybe it was cheaper?). I was not a fan of the mackerel but at my house you ate what was put on the table. In the end I guess that served me well as I am not a picky eater and now have a taste for oily little fish (sardines). I haven't tried any mackerel lately.
  6. toolprincess

    Fruit salads

    Growing up my mom used to make an apple salad - apples, raisins, celery and pecans. She used a mayo and sugar dressing - with maybe a little vinegar to thin it out. Every now and then I get a craving for it but I only use tart crisp apples - my mom used red delicious which are my least fave.
  7. Here's what I did. I boiled the beets until tender and then the skins peel right off. (Beware pink hands). Then mix 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, 2tsps salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Boil this and pour over beets in jar. Let cool and refrigerate.
  8. I had to respond to this. I live in the east coast and we also eat pork on new years day for moving forward. It is also bad luck to eat chicken on new years day because chickens scratch backwards..lol. Here in dutch country we eat our pork with sauerkraut and apples and a touch of brown sugar along side mashed potatoes with pork gravy. Sounds delicious!
  9. Pickles. Particularly bread and butter pickles.
  10. It is a strong suspicion (confirmed by my doc) that I have developed an ulcer. She advised me to modify my diet and its a foodie nightmare. She recommended no soda (I can deal with this although I do like a diet coke in restaurants), no alcohol, no coffee and no spicy foods. I'm a spicy food junkie so this is the one that is going to trip e up I'm sure. Anyone here deal with an ulcer? Advice, tips, etc? She did say that she was ok with me drinking sparkling water as long as it had only bubbles and water - no citric acid, etc.
  11. New Year's Day meal. Traditional southern foods (pork for moving forward into a new year, greens for prosperity and blackeyed peas for luck) and corn muffins (for tastiness).
  12. 1. Make fried chicken 2. Try to recreate my fathers BBQ sauce 3. Work on my Brunswick stew 4. Cook and eat at home more 5. Try more recipes from my collection of cookbooks
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