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Holly Moore

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Those on Twitter are likely aware of this marriage made in hell. If not, following both RuthReichel and RuthBourdaine is time well twent.

ruthreichl will tweet a whimsical and often tasty glimpse into her day.

Rain biblical. Scarlet glow of kimichi eggs. Potent tea, very black. Umbrella, boots, scarves, gloves. Heading off to swim downtown.

Shortly thereafter the curdled reichlbourdain interpretation

Rain biblical. Into the ark, 2 by 2: kimchi eggs, umbrellas, boots, scarves, Ramones albums, pork bellies. Tea oversteeped. God help us all.

One more pairing:

In the park this morning, the first tender fluff of forsythia was struggling into spring. Now I'm looking out at palm trees.
AM in the park, first tender fluff of forsythia struggling into spring. Now it's in my bong & I'm seeing palm trees. That's some good sh--!
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Holly Moore

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Can someone clue me in on what this is about?

As far as I can tell, Ruth Reichl (American food writer) began tweeting food related haikus. Anthony Bourdain saw them and liked them and began reading them as a segment of a weekly satellite radio show (Turn and Burn) he did earlier this year with Eric Ripert. Ruth Riechl surprised them by turning up on-air.

I'm not sure about this, but I imagine that a listener had an idea to tweet versions of her tweets in what he(?) imagined would be the style of Bourdain. Bourdain found these and liked them (in a disturbing way), and Reichl and Bourdain talked about them on the radio show. Bourdain even had Ripert read one of Ruth Bourdain's off-color tweets.

I think the true identity of Ruth Bourdain remains a mystery. It would be great to find out it was Mario Batali or someone, but I suspect it's just a shlub like me.

[ETA] Might as well embed...

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