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Brooksie's Tomato Basil Pie

Mayhaw Man

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Brooksie's Tomato Basil Pie

This is an easy pie to make and will totally impress guests for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or supper.

The key is great tomatoes and fresh basil. Really good cheese helps as well.

Pre Bake Shell

Slice tomatoes (number depends on size and type-5 creoles usually gets the job done) and dry on paper towels

Layer in this order

1/2 of the Tomatoes (salt and pepper them in the shell)

Chopped green onions and 1/2 of the basil


Layer on cheeses (use buffalo milk mozz if you can get it, regular mozz if not)

Blend Sour Cream and mayo and layer on top

Bake at 350F until the whole thing bubbles evenly (about 15-20 min)

Let pie cool a bit and slice.

Eat. For me, if summer could be canned, this is what it would taste like.

( RG1075 )

Brooks Hamaker, aka "Mayhaw Man"

There's a train everyday, leaving either way...

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