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Klatsch: Popping the Cork in Las Vegas

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Do places like Wynn/Encore really grow many of their flowers? I notice lots of orchids at Wynn, and cut orchids are usually cheaper to import than to grow in the United States. A couple of years ago it was from Thailand, but I haven't kept up on the current cheapest places.

Not sure, really. I am just guessing. But I after seeing the conservatory at Bellagio, I would think they must have some sort of operation there to grow stuff.

Bellagio has a huge horticulture department with a greenhouse in the back that dwarfs the conservatory. I don't think that they do any direct propegation but rather utilize the space as a nursery so that they can raise the plants in a controlled environment so that they can ensure that they are blooming at the right time, are the right size, etc. so everything is perfect when they go into the conservatory. Cut flowers are all purchased.

Water use was mentioned in a post just before this one. For 2002 (the latest numbers I have) the Southern Nevada Water District estimates that in the Las Vegas Valley 65% of water use is residential (of which 58% is for landscape), 13% commercial, 7% hotel, 5% golf course, 5% public facilities, 4% irrigation, 1% industrial.

So far as the hotels growing things for consumption it is a nice idea in terms of PR, think pic's of happy chefs out snipping herbs for service, that would be priceless! However, its just not going to happen. I really hate to be the one who keeps saying this but the wages and bennies alone make the cost unfeasible. Think about what the average farm worker makes vs. what your average hotel worker makes. Furthermore, I don't think that there would be any ROI on a project like that because produce costs are so competitive and these hotels can really hold vendors to the flame on price and the vendors will jump through hoops backwards on one leg in order to keep the business.

I really hope that the "local" movement takes hold a bit more with the chefs in Las Vegas. I think that the ball is starting to roll on this, lets hope it doesn't gather any moss, although that's hard with 5% humidity!

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