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How to make creamy chicken with mushroom sauce


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Hello, I am new to cooking and right now im just kind of copying decent looking recepies. I need help on choosing the right cream for the mushroom sauce.

This is the video link that im gonna use when making this dish


Now it says use ''200ml of cream'' It does not specify what kind of cream.

Now in the video the cream looks liquidy kind of like milk.

There are 3 types of cream that i saw at the super market.

1 - Sour cream, im pretty sure that is not it because sour cream is chunky and solid.

2 - there is cooking cream that is liquid, at 35%mg ( <-- are there lower %mg viariations of this, which % is best to use ?)

3- cream that is 5% (just says cream and is liquid)

I'm not sure which cream to use, on the instructional video it didnt say 'sour cream' so i assume its something else, also the instructional video didnt say what %mg of cream to use.

And what is the difference between the 3 ?

Help! I want to make this dish tomorrow, it sounds simple

can any knowledgeable person tell me cream that the video is using

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Hello PC and welcome.

You want to use the 35% cream for the recipe in the video. It thickens well on its own and won't break (separate). It's usually labeled as "Whipping Cream".

If you are concerned about fat content and want a lighter sauce, you could use "Half&Half (~12%)" or even whole milk. If you do, you need to gently bring them up to heat, and use a thickener. Corn starch slurry, flour slurry or beurre manié.

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