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  1. Sorry this is a little bit of late notice, I'm cooking for some guests and need a source for meat, specifically porkchops. I would like to have them on the bone, tall, and fat around the sides. Any recommendations of a good butcher shop to visit? Worst case scenario i'll try to speak to the head butcher in loblaws, but it would be nice to know a reputable butcher shop in the west island of montreal.
  2. Thx for the wise reply, you are 100% right and I'm totally wrong. In my state of drunkenness i overlooked that we would be there for 3 hours, and he would have to be checking up constantly on us, and not be able to attend the other tables. I always tip 15-20% by the way, how embarassing to even make a controverial post about tipping 10% at fine dining! (This is what happens when you are drunk and bored at 3am on a weekday) Ya, this has nothing to do with my budget I can afford it. I'm planning to go with a group of friends to Chef Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in the summer, ill tip 15-20% no doubt.
  3. Please post the highest quality recipe for mushroom soup, preferably in video format. I want to be able to copy this recipe and make a more tastier mushroom soup than my mothers! She makes is so tasty, I want to challenge her and make it more delicious! Plz in video format, if not in text format.
  4. Hi, I am new to this website and I'm not even sure if this is the right section for this post. Suppose if I go to a 200$/person restaurant. 10 people @ 200$ = 2000$ bill. The food/service is great, should we still tip 15% (300$)?? Regardless of the food/service, 300$ is an crazy sum and no waiter in the world deserves 300$ for bringing out food. Should we just tip 150-200$ (300$ thats WAY more than any 'waiter' deserves considering , doctors/dentists don't even make 300$/hr) When I go to a 50$/person restaurants I usually tip around 20%, which comes down to 20$ for a 100$ meal for 2. Is there a ''cap''? I understand paying 20% when the bill is reasonable. Is it normal to pay 300$ just for a waiter when you are already paying 2000$ for food? He should be happy with 200$, no? Just want to know when I go to a really high end restaurant, I don't want to be rude but there has to be a limit of how much a waiter should get regardless of how pricey the bill is? Your opinion? Does the waiter really keep all the tip to himself? (I'm 23, and never been out at a top top quality restaurant, does the rule of thumb if you can't afford 15% then don't eat, still apply in a 2000$ bill, or is 200$ plenty of dough for an waiter who probably hasn't graduated from college)
  5. Hello, I am new to cooking and right now im just kind of copying decent looking recepies. I need help on choosing the right cream for the mushroom sauce. This is the video link that im gonna use when making this dish http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-c...-with-mushrooms Now it says use ''200ml of cream'' It does not specify what kind of cream. Now in the video the cream looks liquidy kind of like milk. There are 3 types of cream that i saw at the super market. 1 - Sour cream, im pretty sure that is not it because sour cream is chunky and solid. 2 - there is cooking cream that is liquid, at 35%mg ( <-- are there lower %mg viariations of this, which % is best to use ?) 3- cream that is 5% (just says cream and is liquid) I'm not sure which cream to use, on the instructional video it didnt say 'sour cream' so i assume its something else, also the instructional video didnt say what %mg of cream to use. And what is the difference between the 3 ? Help! I want to make this dish tomorrow, it sounds simple can any knowledgeable person tell me cream that the video is using
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