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Roasting at low temperature / 70C

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First, let me say how grateful I am for the time and energy you have put into these replies to our questions. Thank you.

Since reading your Guardian column on low temperature cookery I have done a lot of experiments with this. I've had good success with duck breasts, as well as your chicken technique, and also with mutton.

The challenge has been to get a reliable low temperature in a home oven. Normal home ovens just don't want to go that low, and the electric oven I use switches off when you open the door. Even the "plate warming" oven of our Aga runs higher than 70C.

Most of my experiments with low-temperature cooking a have been with a professional "combi" oven with a digital control, one that happily goes as low as you want it. But how would you recommend that we get these low temperatures using domestic equipment?

Again, thanks for your thoughtfulness in answering our questions.

Jonathan Day

"La cuisine, c'est quand les choses ont le go�t de ce qu'elles sont."

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Thanks for the kind words, I have thoroughly enjoyed the questions.

With regards to low temp cooking in usijng domestic equipment, the one thing that I would say first, is get an oven thermometer and probe.

You may be surprised at just how inaccurate your oven may be

If you do have a therrmometer and have checked the temperature of your oven with this and it is still too high, don't worry; good results can still be achieved with an oven temperature as high as 100C.

More care needs to be taken so that the meat does not overcook. Just remember that an internal temp of anything over 62C in anything but pork or chicken is moving into the medium to well done band.

Resting meat is allways vital but the higher the temperature, the more rest the meat will need. I reckon for a chicken, an hour is good.

So, for the probe, beef at 52 will be medium rare, lamb is round about this temp, perhaps a couple of degrees higher.

Ps. If your oven allows, you could always wedge the door open!

Heston Blumenthal

The Fat Duck

The Fat Duck website

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