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Ellen Shapiro

Nice Green Bo 2008, no longer new

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New Green Bo turned 10 this year, and quietly changed its name. As I learned tonight when going to pick up food for dinner, the restaurant is now called:

Nice Green Bo

The owner told me "We're 10 years old, and we have so many nice customers, so we made it Nice Green Bo."

There's some inconsistency among the signs and printed documents, however the Department of Health website confirms that Nice Green Bo is now the official name.

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What did you get? Was it new and nice, old and nice, or not nice?

Oh it was nice! I generally get the same stuff, though for takeout I thought it prudent to alter my menu.

I got:

The steamed vegetable dumplings for PJ and me. Rating: as good as new, as good as old;

Boiled pork and leek dumplings for Fat Guy--they're gone so I'm voting with the same approval. Rating: as good as new, as good as old;

Vegetable with bean curd soup--at PJ's request. We both approved. Rating: as good as new, as good as old;

Chicken Shanghai Lo Mein--both men approved so that too gets the rating of . . . as good as new, as good as old.

I did not order the fish fillet in wine sauce (which is hard for me to pass up) because I was afraid it wouldn't hold up to sitting in the container, piping hot, for the duration of our subway trip home (PJ and I went to Chinatown and, amongst other things, procured this delectable meal).

All in all I would say that while New Green Bo is no longer new--it is as good as new and now it's nice too.

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