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Holly Moore

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It's going to be an even longer winter if I can't find some decent restaurant stews.  Any suggestions?

Well the Belgian places in town have several to offer. Eulogy does a chicken waterzooi, and Belgian Cafe does two .. Vlamese Beef Stew locally raised, grass fed, organic beef slow cooked with root vegetables & Urthel Vlamese Bock ale and a fish stew Brugge Fish Stew a mix of seafood that may include salmon, shrimp, scallops & mussels in a light cream sauce topped with whipped potatoes and sharp cheese. A dining companion of mine has tried the former at the Belgian cafe, and I had a taste of it and it was quite good. I have not tried the fish.

I have vague recollections of a boeuf chimay, sort of a boeuf bourguignon that substituted the chimay for the red wine, but cannot remember who had it. Perhaps it was the late Cuvee Notre Dame.

I personally am quite fond of the Irish Stew at the Shanachie in Ambler, not only is the stock rich, and there is plenty of beef and carrots and onions in it, but the brown bread they serve with it is divine.

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