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Ichon Rice Festival '07

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An old phone, old lamps and I have no idea what those tiny teapots on the stick at the back are for.



Those small teapot looking things are very old fashioned oil lamps; they're on tall bases so the light can cast itself fully. I've never seen one in use, but my guess is there is oil on the inside, and you light some sort of wick out of the spout.

Thanks for all of those pictures! All that tteok looked delicious; I hope you got to take some home, either in hand or in your bellies!


(As for that brownish tan powder on the injulmi tteok, I'm stumped--I've seen it listed as all or a combo of mungbean, soy, and mugwort powders)

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Peter - please tell Serena that Billy's finger/hand is healing up nicely. He has already picked off the laceration scabs. :blink:

Seisei - thanks for clarifying what those teapots are (actually lamppots) :biggrin: Hubby and I racked our brains trying to figure out what it was. Unfortunately, we didn't get to bring home any tteok or free rice because of Billy's dogbite. :sad:

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