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Where to stay and eat in Culebra?

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I am going for a few days in May with my family, including my seven-year-old daughter and eighty year-old father-in-law. I know Culebra is not known for its lux accomodations, and we're mainly into the island's rep for great beaches, tranquility, natural beauty -- no resort frills necessary. However we do tend to be pretty spoiled when it comes to cleanliness and comfort and we hate yucky overpriced tourist food -- any ideas how to get the best of both worlds in Culebra?

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Did you ever get any recommendations? I was in Puerto Rico years ago, heard how nice Culebra was, but I thought (at least back then) there were only some quaint cabanas to stay in. Didn't know there were even places to eat...

How was it? Did you find any phosphorescent bays? We took a night boat on one in Luquillo (I think) that was really great; heard there was an even better one on Vieques.

This was probably 1997, but I went to place on Isla Verde part of San Juan called Charcoal Charlie's that had the best authentic Puerto Rican food around. It was owned by a Puerto Rican man and his New Yorker wife; amazing sangria, mofongo, etc.

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Sorry this is late, but I'd say that Juanita Bananas is your best bet for high-end food on Culebra.

There's also not much chance of getting touristy food there, as the rest is pretty basic.

I will say that El Eden is great place to go for lunch and a sandwich. I also like the burgers at the roadside bar El Batey.

Friends ate last year at the Fox's Lair and said it was good, there's apparently a new Tex-Mex place downtown near Heather's pizza place and, even though it is not the best one you'll ever have, I love the Cubanos at El Patio (near the airport).

There's something about making my way through a fresh Cubano on Flamenco Beach sipping an ice cold Medalla that's just feels so perfect.

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