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  1. Hello All, I have been thinking of preparing some meals from the fishes I used to eat as a kid in India. My family is from Bengal and I was raised on diet of Rui, Katla, Ilish, Magur etc. (I dont know their english names). So far I have always prepared them using the traditional Bengali recipes. But now I am inclined towards just grilling/roasting/steaming them with some spicy rubs. To that end I am interested in cutting the filets from these fishes. So far I have always got them cut into steaks (I think thats the word. I may be wrong though) and these fishes usually have lot of bones to deal
  2. Hello, Gulleteers. I've been away for awhile. I'm doing some off topic research regarding gums and varnishes, and realized the Indian grocery was good source (and cheap) for this stuff. So far I've been able to ID the following stuff I purchased last night in Vallejo, CA. katri gund/katira goond = Cochlospermum religiosum or Astracantha heratensis or Astragalus hertensis guggal/guggol = Commiphora mukul (a type of myrrh) lobah dhoop = Styrax benzoin or a related Styrax, perhaps bezoinoides But I'm stumped by chaar gund/char goond I haven't yet run solubility checks (water vs. turps vs. alcoh
  3. Hi All Can anybody tell me what are the components of pavbhaji masala and the porportion of individual components? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am allergic to Fenugreek/Methi (or highly sensitive to it) its also why Im allergic to fake maple syrup flavoring. But I LOVE Indian Food and wanna cook it. What can I substitute that will give me the general flavor of Fenugreek? I was thinking a mix of ground Fennel and Caraway... What say you?
  5. Looking for good non-Americanised Indian along the Main Line for a birthday lunch for a favorite aunt this weekend. Any suggestions?
  6. This is a general question to the readers to think and discuss why there aren't many Indian chefs pursuing the field of food writing whereas international chefs are releasing best sellers almost every year. Also if any change can be brought about by understanding the factors which are acting as barriers and obstacles for Indian chefs to pursue food writing alongside their primary careers. when we think of Indian chefs who have released books, there may be many, but only few come to mind, such as, Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Madhur Jaffery etc. Again what I wish to know is that why is the a
  7. Hi There, I came across this term, Bunooing, which I'd never heard before. I had a look around to try and understand the method behind it, but came across a number of inferences on what bhunooing is and how it works, some of which were conflicting and a little confusing. I would be very grateful if someone could clear this up for me and perhaps answer a few questions. This is my understanding of bhunooing so far:- Essentially, this is a method of releasing essential oils that are cooped up in your dry spices and leaves too. The types of spices used are the hard spices such as cumin seeds,
  8. I'm thinking of buying a wet spice/curry paste grinder. Any ideas on what brands are the best? Premier super-g, Preethi ??
  9. Hi Friends A very important everyday question, What should I cook today???? It would be interesting to know what everyone out there is eating and cooking for lunch and dinner......
  10. I'm a huge fan of Panjabi style karahi dishes I've had at various Pakistani restaurants run by Lahoris in the US and Dubai. I've had reasonable luck replicating the chicken dishes, in which ginger, garlic and green chile are fried, followed by chicken, followed by crushed tomatoes and the masala. Apart from the taste, I like it because it cooks so quickly, not containing any onions. A few questions - is this a specialty of Lahore only, hence why I see it only at Pakistani restaurants, but rarely see it at Indian ones? Is my method for making the chicken more or less correct? I've seen extr
  11. I love Indian food, and I've lived in NYC all my life, but I still haven't really found a truly extraordinary Indian restaurant in the city. I'm finally going to check out Chola tonight, which I'm very excited about, but I'd still love to hear everyone else's thoughts and recommendations. I am ready to begin questing for a favorite. Plus, I couldn't find a thread that really gathered together a list of everyone's favorite Indian restaurants yet. So, let us remedy that gap in our collective knowledge: What do you think is the best Indian restaurant in NYC? And why?
  12. Howdy! Having for now turned my back on my coconut obsession (I got a $2 grater at the Vietnamese grocery which doesn't work very well at all) I've turned my front to pickling. I tried two pickles from Julie Sahni's books today, a lemon pickle from Classic Indian Cooking and a carrot pickle in mustard oil from her Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking. The lemon pickle calls for 6 lemons to be stuffed with cumin, pepper and salt, stuffed in a jar with the juice of 3 lemons poured on top. It then sits for 7 days before being boiled with sugar and stuff. So I'm not understanding what th
  13. Hi, I am looking for the perfect muslim biryani they give during Ramzan festival..is there anybody who can help me?Thanks in advance.
  14. we are looking for great low key indian food a little ambiance is nice but not necessary would rather not go to the village or upper east or west side
  15. Hello all. Some of you might be interested in my experiences building a tandoor from scratch in an oil drum. I've put lots of photos on oildrumtandoor.blogspot.com. I've also given step-by-step instructions in case anyone wants to copy (and improve) my approach. So far we've cooked: - whole tandoori chickens - tandoori king prawn - naan breads - sag paneer - roast peppers and onions - aubergine tikkas - home made paneer - corn and potato seekh - lamb seekh I would welcome any help on: - getting the seekh kebabs to stick to the skewer ... they all go limp and fall off when cooked - any tips o
  16. Here's a link to an amusing article in the Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/ae/food/articles/200...in_my_vindaloo/
  17. We've been asked to do a theme dinner for some students and one of the suggested recipes is for "Makkai di roti". It calls for maize flour as well as wheat flour. I think of maize as corn but that doesn't seem right. There is also no leavening in the recipe. So - what is maize flour and should we add a leavening agent?
  18. Ran across this link to what's called Indian Cooking from the 1800's but to my eye looks more like British Indian cooking. To my mind an Indian recipe for Bubble & Squeek is a dead give away. In any case some fascinating material and a reminder of how much work keeping a kitchen was in those halcyon days of yore. Enjoy!
  19. The Yuva birth announcement (this is what the PR people call the press release about a new restaurant opening) didn't look all that auspicious. Another Indian restaurant on 58th Street between Third and Second Avenues! I might have skipped the press preview altogether, but we had babysitting and it was something to do. I'm still deciding whether the meal I had at Yuva tonight was the best Indian meal I've ever had. The first bite I took was of a crab cake like no other, described on the menu simply as "spiced crab skewered and grilled." The dish arrived looking like an haute cuisine version of
  20. I'm trying to work out what a particular fruit/vegetable that I saw in a local asian (indian/pakistani) grocers is, can anyone help me? It is quite a bright slightly lime-ish green (with yellow tints), about the size of a large kiwi fruit and the skin is spiky & tough looking. It was also floating in a tub of water! It is more spiny than a lychee, but the spikes aren't as long as something like a rambutan. It was near the vegetables rather than the fruit, so I assume its a vegetable, but I can't be sure! I did actually try asking someone who worked there but he couldn't remember, altho
  21. I love eating Indian food, especially curries, tandoori meats, and of course the breads. And I do love the taste of biryani dishes, both meats and Kashmiri style. Unfortunately, with eating biryani I get some kind of stomach allergy. I still eat it every now and then, though, sometimes mixing it with plain rice to make it milder but I still end up with the stomach upset. I wonder what's causing it? Anyone have the same experience or venture a guess? Thanks.
  22. The green-fingered friend mentioned earlier gave me a load of green apples and slightly unripe plums. I usually make apple pies with the green apples and add them to green chutney as a substitute for raw mango. What do you guys make with it? I've never cooked with plums before (except using ready-made plum sauce ) - any ideas for those? Thanks, Suman
  23. Hi, I came across this link http://www.gainhub.com/recipes/downloadebook_cb.htm while browsing the net & was wondering if anyone had any idea abt this. Pls do share ur experiences if any.. Thanks, Laks.
  24. Do you have dishes that simmer all day to perfection? Slow cooked curries..... yum with all this talk about moving fast and being there yesterday.. there is still so much pleasure in simple things that take some time.. hopefully not too much sweat.. and a lot of love do share
  25. I've been exploring the use of tamarind in soups, and have been using whole dried pods tossed into the pressure cooker as part of the stock. I scrape the pulp through a strainer and toss the seeds & husks and have been quite happy with the results. Yesterday I went to my almost-always reliable international grocery and didn't see the piles of tamarind pods in their usual place. I did see some pods that looked similar, labelled "green tamarind pods" but they were in a refrigerated section. I went ahead to buy them, but when I got them home & unwrapped and broke one open, it was not
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