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Found 595 results

  1. Since 1997, when I was first invited to participate, a jolly bunch of us in the Philadelphia area have gathered every holiday season to assemble what has come to be called The Christmas Mix. Steered and organized by beer writer Lew Bryson, with help from several other passionate beer geeks, its has been, for us, the ultimate beer Christmas present: 24 winter/holiday/Xmas beers, one per case, a case of joy for 24 lucky people. We are doing the same this year, assembling at the Grey Lodge Public House in Philly(www.greylodge.com) on Monday, December 29 and making up these cases. This is not a money-making venture of any kind, and several of us are already out purchasing the cases at distributorships all over the place, as far away as Maryland, to be ready for Dec. 29. The case price every year has averaged between $32-35 usually, and I expect, from initial purchasing so far, for that price to continue. We have some slots available this year, and I want to open it up to the folks here, especially to the ones within geographic range for pickup on Dec 29. For those interested who live further away, I'm sure we can calculate shipping, but there is always the risk of damage, and, of course the consideranble expense of shipping a case of beer. It's been done, but that's just the caveat. Just to whet your whistle, this is what we have planned for the Christmas Mix, with some possible changes due to availibility etc.: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Troegs Mad Elf Wild Goose Snow Goose Bert Grants Deep Powder Anchor OSA River Horse Frost Bite Harpoon Winter Warmer Victory Old Horizontal Old Dominion Winter Appalachian Susquehanna Stout Monk's Cafe Sour Clipper City Winter Pyramid Snow Cap Penn St. Nikolaus Avery Old Jubilation Geary’s Hampshire Winter Bell’s Java Stout North Coast Wintertime Weyerbacher Winter Pivovar Winter Lager Otter Creek A Winter’s Ale or Alpine Ale Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Harvey Christmas Ale Heavyweight Old Salty Flying Fish Grand Cru Lancaster Winter Warmer E-mail me here for details on payment in advance when possible, and get a case of beer like no other. Joining us all at the Grey Lodge, on December 29, will be (check out their current beer menu!) even more special and fun, if you can.
  2. I'm not sure where to post this, but since beer is the primary product, here goes: A friend of my husband just bought a local bar/grill. Casual, to say the least. In fact, a number of bikers and working class people are the clientele. I am looking at an opportunity to become a bartender there. Most drinks and drafts I can handle. What I'm not sure of is what is the general protocol of working with other bartenders and table wait staff? Share tips or not? Any other general bartender duties besides drinks, washing glasses, taking inventory, etc? Any tips, suggestions and sage wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Jason Perlow


    http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/199119p-171805c.html After 30 years and one frosty fight with Mayor Bloomberg, Rheingold Beer will soon be brewing again in Brooklyn. Company officials are set to announce a Brooklyn homecoming for the extra dry brew this morning at the Brooklyn Historical Society, capping another chapter in the beer's storied history.
  4. For those in Colorado, I just had to report that Descutes Brewery's beers are now available in our fine state. I've always loved their beers and now can get them without getting on a plane and heading to the Pacific NW (not that going there is a bad thing!).
  5. Rich Pawlak

    The Summer Crop

    This summer I am determined to explore the wealth of both summer beers and summer-friendly beers. So far, I've been grooving on: Flying Fish Farmhouse, Cherry Hill, NJ, crisp, bursting with hop and herb notes. Sly Fox IPA Series, Phoenixville, PA, being made with 9 different hop varities; so far the Kent Goldings, Styrian and Cascade varietals have been spectacularly puckery and floral. Pilsner Urquell , Czech Republic, has been popping up all over Philly (and is on tap everywhere in Miami Beach), and on tap you realize what a truly great, tangy beer it is. I'll be on the hunt all summer. Suggestions?
  6. We tried a few new (to me) beers while on vacation, a couple of which are worth mentioning. I finally tried Moose Drool brown ale (brewed in Missoula MT). Good solid beer, very drinkable, not too complex. Light bodied for a brown ale. I had not heard of Bitch Creek ESB before, but that was probably the best beer I tried on the trip. Brewed by Teton Brewing in Idaho, it's very well balanced, with the hops apparent but not dominating.
  7. Be sure and celebrate the diversity of American beers. Check out American Beer Month for more information.
  8. We're right in the damn middle of summer now, and the good beer is flowing . So what's been tantalizing your taste buds this summer? Give us your reviews. For me, this summer has meant savoring each of the 9 different hop varietal IPAs from Philadelphia area micro Sly Fox, to celebrate their 9th anniversary. So far, they've issued: Centennial IPA, Target IPA, Cascade IPA, Styrian IPA, East Kent Golding IPA, and 4 others are yet to be issued (Amarillo, Fuggles, Simcoe) including their Imperial IPA in December. All delicious, puckery wonders. The most recent, Target IPA, is wonderfully tart, yet has a very nice malt counterpart that really surprises, and gives the beer amazing balance. So let the tasting notes begin!
  9. The article from MSNBC so yet another major EU concern .. and we are still focussed on national security?? not GM foods?
  10. Okbrewer

    Midwest Beer Fest

    The Wichita Chapter of The American Institute of Wine & Food is presenting a beer festival October 8-9. See the website for details: www.midwestbeerfest.com
  11. Hello brewers... Just wanted to let you all know about a new feature on Brew-Monkey.com. Over the last few months I have been putting together a database of yeast info and how it works with the different beer styles. If you go to the Yeast Information section of http://www.brew-monkey.com/brewschool/ you can check it out. It has taken quite a bit to compile the data and code the pages - so I hope you find it useful. I haven't seen anything like this on the web before - so maybe I'm the first :) As always, if you have articles, product reviews or other related items that you want posted - please let me know. If you know someone who may be interested - please pass this on. Hope to see you around on Brew-Monkey.com.
  12. Check out the newest update to Dogfish Head Beers. They've added taste descriptions, food pairings, serving glass suggestions and comparable wine style.
  13. NulloModo

    Low-Carb Homebrew

    Hi, So, I enjoy a good beer, or, at least I used to. I really wanted to get into the homebrew thing, but for various reasons didn't. Now, I would like to start up, but my dietary intake as changed such that I would be interested in trying to do a low-carb homebrew. There are several low-carb beers out there, and some are not bad, but all are pretty much American Mega-Brew clones, nothing particularly tasty either. I am wondering if this was done simply because there is no market for a low-carb real beer, or because making a beer low-carb somehow just makes it end up with those particular qualities. I personally enjoy a very strong hoppy beer, and would love to be able to make something like that myself, but is such a thing feasible to do? I have no idea how to control the carb content in a finished product, but I figure that the more it ferments, and the more sugar/starch is converted to alcohol, the lower the final carb content will be, so this goes hand in hand with my desire for a strong beer. Hops are just a grass aren't they? So I could load a beer up with hops and not have it effect anything in the nutritional value. I'm thinking I could make a darn tasty beer that is also low-carb, but I am wondering if there are any holes in my logic. Would other styles be equally accessible?
  14. I wasnt sure where to post this but i figured the beer forum would be the best spot I found this at the liquor store today and i couldnt resist the urge to pick up a bottle and try it The label says its brewed and bottled by Hanssens Artisanaal Dworp Belgium. Mead provided by Llurgashall, Petworth, West Suffex UK Thw label says its 70% malt liquor and 30% mead and its corked like a champange bottle. Im going to give this a try tonight and i will post what i think of it
  15. Rich Pawlak

    OBF 2004

    Just returned form 4 great days in Portland, OR, to attend the Oregon Brewers Festival, Jul 23-25, the best run beer fest I've ever attended. Forget that everyone in Portland in unbelievbably friendly and helpful and welcoming, and that the setting is charmingly beautiful and clean, this year's OBF took place in 103 degree heat, as an outrageous heat wave hit the PNW. But not a scintilla of friendliness was lost, and the beers I sampled were all top notch, with some unusual offerings, from 72 different craft brewers. I'll post TNs shortly, as I sort through my notes and receipts, but, for now, some pics of the OBF, and a visit to the hop-strewn Bridgeport Brewery and Brewpub, as well as some of the, ah, colorful native artwork in town (well one example for now): The welcoming sign, map and menu The early crowd on Friday; the total attendance topped 80, 000 over 3 days One of the two massive beverage tents The Bridgeport Brewpub The Bridgeport brewpub menu; ironically, our bartender during our visit had just moved there from the Philly area; small world. Yes, those are hops, draped everywhere. The local, ah, art scene. This thing seems to be known as "Art Car". More to come, including a visit to Edgefield, the Mcmenamin-owned country resort that used to be a mental hospital, including its homages to Jerry Garcia no less.
  16. Anyone here remember this beer? I used to drink it in the late 80s, lost track of it and haven't seen it since. It was brewed in New Guinea and was quite good. Does anyone know if they still exist?
  17. Aside from the monthly beer dinners at Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia, and a less formal monthly one at Waterzooi on Long Island, NY, there are fewer and fewer beer dinners these days, it seems to me. But prove me wrong; tell us about any good beer dinners in your neck of the woods. I was inspired to post this by a menu I received today from Todd Ashman, perennial medal winning brewer when he was at Flossmoor Station in Flossmoor, IL, and now the new brewer at Titletown Brewing Co. in Green Bay, WI. To welcome Ashman, this is what Titletown BC will serve up as an Inaugural Beer Dinner with Todd, for, get this, $17.50 per person. And I hear the weather there this time of year is just special. To wit: Inauguration Dinner Invitation Join us in welcoming Brewmaster Todd Ashman to Titletown Brewing Company. Enjoy a gourmet Wisconsin meal where each course is coupled with the perfect ale to complement and contrast the complex flavors in both the food and brew. Prior to seating Wisconsin Craft Cheeses and Assorted Sausages with Railyard Ale Beer Mustard Beer Pairing - American style Wheat Ale and India Pale Ale Soup Stilton Beer Cheese soup Beer Pairing – Old Fort Howard Pale Ale Salad Baby Spinach and Endive with Wisconsin “Blue” Cheese, Door County Cherries Caramelized with Toasted Oats and Molasses Brown Ale then Topped with Raspberry Honey Ale Vinaigrette Dressing and Walnut Crustini Beer Pairing – “400” Honey Ale Entrée Smoked Pork Chop served on a bed of spent grain stuffing with warm German Potato Salad and fresh vegetables Beer Pairing – Johnny Blood McNally Irish Red and Railyard Ale Dessert Warm Bread Pudding Topped with a Russian Imperial Stout Bourbon Sauce Beer Pairing – Russian Imperial Stout and / or Toasted Oats Molasses Brown Ale Starts at 3:30pm with Tours of the Brewery and Historic Train Station with dinner served promptly at 5:00pm After Dinner: Hang out with Todd and Talk Beer!! Cost: $17.50 plus gratuity For those of you who have never sampled Ashman's beers, they are extraordinary, and I would imagine that will far outshine the decent, starightforward menu they have planned above. So, are beer dinners a dying breed or what?
  18. Susan and others, I stopped by Old Dominion earlier today and talked to one of the brewers. OD has received permission from the ATF to start bottling their bourbon stout and selling kegs to restaurants. For now, OD just be selling the kegs and will sometime in 2004 start bottling it.
  19. thrasymachus


    I had a bottle of Kingfisher in an indian restaurant a year or two ago and thought it was great but I was never able to find it at my liquor store. Then last weekend they had a whole row of six packs ($7.99 a pack...bleh) so I bought one. It was still pretty good, but seems blander than I remember it...do they maybe have new owners...an american brewery or something? Not sure if I am imagining things or it is not as good.
  20. Sweet Willie

    Bitter Beers

    If given a choice I always choose the bitter beer, anyone else? My favorite is XXXX Bitter from Australia, tops on my list, VERY tough to find in the US, if anyone does please email me, I'm tired of paying $30+ for a case of beer shipped from Oz. I was in bitter heaven in London pubs as well. Any on tap bitter beer in the US?
  21. sheffield


    does any one outthere prefur american bud to czech bud I cant see it
  22. erie1

    Pumpkin Ales

    I tried Blue Moon, Buffalo Bill's, Post Road, and Smuttynose this weekend. without question Buffalo Bills is the most flavorful. Anyone have any reccomendations on Pumpkin Ales in their neck of the woods?
  23. AuntieEm

    And it's Kosher!

    Coming soon to a city near you! HE'BREW
  24. magnolia

    Mackesons stout

    I'm trying to track down the current brewers of Macksons and have been all over the 'net but cannot find any reference to the parent company...Thanks !
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