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  1. I enjoy the term "commercial" on cookware and other kitchen equipment. If I want to purchase commercial quality products I shop at a restaurant supply store. When Linens and Things went out of business I purchased a non stick pan that used the term "commercial" and NSF. A similar pan that I purchased years ago at a restaurant supply store has held up much better.
  2. If you like beer go to Toronado: http://www.toronado.com
  3. Don't think I read any suggestions for Grateful Bread Co. on this thread yet. They are located at Fair Oaks and Fulton/Monroe. http://www.gratefulbreadcompany.com
  4. My top 4 favorites: http://food.theatlantic.com/author/grant-achatz/ http://blog.ruhlman.com http://anicca3.blogspot.com http://www.alineaathome.com/ Shamless self-promotion for my blog: www.sacramentocook.com I focus on a featured recipe, food travel, and local Northern California food news.
  5. As for All Clad I got 2 fry pans 10 & 12, 1 saucepan 3 qt, and 1 stockpot (8 qt) with lids all coppercore from a store display off of a reputable eBay vendor in 2004 for $400. So I think it was a pretty good deal, they have held up really well. My LC dutch oven came with quite a few warnings about its use so I prefer to cook with my All Clad. Funny side note, my wife and I received a Macy's Martha Stewart 8 qt. stockpot for Christmas last year and it is really bad, rust forms on the interior. My contribution to the granite discussion is that I would never go with Corian because it scratches too easy. I also wouldn't choose granite because for the same price I could get Silestone which is quartz based, has Microban built in and doesn't require sealing.
  6. I would add one thing to your post, when I left the industry last August a few manufacturers besides Whirlpool were making their bottom mount french doors with the moveable flap. Samsung and GE had models with the moveable flap, although usually it was on the right hand door vs. the Whirlpool (Maytag, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air) which was on the left hand door. A big problem with LGs magnetic seal was that the plastic clips that hold the door can break off. Sometimes on floor models you will see that the clips are broken. Kenmore bottom mount french door refrigerators were either Whirlpool or LG and you can tell which via the moveable flap. Here is a link to who makes what: http://www.appliance411.com/parts/make.shtml
  7. Has anyone tried the Taylor TE10? http://www.taylorusa.com/foodsvc/scales/elec.html http://www.restaurantequipment.com/scales.html $129
  8. Carol Blymire who prepared and did a great blog on every dish in the French Laundry Cookbook has a blog going on The Alinea Cookbook here: http://www.alineaathome.com
  9. I purchased my All Clad Copper Core just over two years ago and have been very pleased with them. While not 100% copper they are much easier to maintain, and I can give up a minor bit of minor heating and cooling speed. They are still very fast and I am impressed with their quality. I did get a very good deal at just $435 for a set that normally goes for about $700. A retailer was selling their display models.
  10. Gosh, I hope not. If you are right I guess I might be able to purchase beer at a better price though.... Drinking a Bayern Brewing Killarney red lager. Its different, not exactly in a way that I prefer although some people my like it. It really tastes like a Bass ale mixed with Killian's Irish Red.
  11. Tonight I enjoyed a Rogue Chocolate stout with a bit of vanilla ice cream floating on top. Very smooth and tasty! A perfect night cap.
  12. Thanks SheenaGreena! I tried the Old Rasputin Imperial Stout at a Eugene Oregon brewfestival over the weekend. I thought it was very nice. Perhaps I will try your other two suggestions next. Also at the festival, Siletz Ales had a really good chocolate porter that seemed to garner quite a bit of attention.
  13. Lately I have been addicted to Rogue's Eugene City Brewery Oak Rum Stout.... first stout that I have really liked. Only available on tap though, so I have been filling up a growler each week. I also used a growler in a 5 gallon batch of homemade chili Sunday. Rogue's Monk madness is also very nice.
  14. Audiofan2

    Belgian Beer

    1) Trappistes Rochefort 10 2) La Chouffe Dobbelon Tripel IPA 3)Chimay Red 4) De Ranke XX 5) Delirium Tremens
  15. I did an IPA that turned out pretty good and just bottled an Orange Honey Wheat, both 5 gallon batches. Funny thing though, I was able to score a keg of Eugene Brewing Company (Rogue) Honey Orange Wheat for only $70 for a Superbowl party that I had for about 40 people on Sunday. I guess I picked a bad beer to brew as with the keg I may get a bit tired of this beer. Trying to figure out what I want to brew next. Rogue has an amazing Oak Rum Stout that I have been buying by the growler weekly that would be fun to re-create. That is the fun part about homebrewing, to collect a bunch of beer that I have brewed in the past, do tastings, then try and improve using techniques I have learned.
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