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  1. Barbara Kafka would say to roast them in your oven at 500 F. Since there is probably no bone, you don't need to roast them for the full 55 minutes she recommends. I would say you ought to check them after 35 min. But, 500 F with salt and pepper ought to be tasty and tender.
  2. So, I'm celebrating today, and my winemonger suggested Besserat de Bellefon. Has anyone had this? What did you think of it. There is no vintage. But, it is Cuvee des Moines (am in Iowa?) I thought it was nice.
  3. I hate to be THAT GUY, but what about getting a low-cost white (german riesling comes to mind) and put it in a screw-top container?
  4. I love the ones that Utilikilts has for sale... ADA compliant! Click and weep.
  5. jsolomon

    The Baked Potato

    Why not just get some stainless forks at Goodwill and use those? BTW, I have seen truly profane things done to potatoes. *shudder* By my father.
  6. Isn't there supposed to be bacon on that thang, too?
  7. I lived with some exceptionally thirsty international party animals for a school year in my undergrad. They decided that they were going to do the "hour of power" one time... 60 shots of beer in 1 hour. After they finished that, they were drunk enough that they emptied a BOTTLE of whiskey into a bowl, and dumped in my sourdough starter which they then proceeded to take shots from. The carpet was adorned with many colors the following morning.
  8. Hmm, I'm not a physician, but I have approaching 2 decades of experience dieting for various reasons, initially for sports, and currently because I drink too much beer. I've also been trained as a lactation consultant. But, I'm male. Please use a large grain of salt with this advice. What you will probably have the most luck with is not worrying so much about your weight and attempt to change your concern to things like body composition/waist size. Weight and waist size are not perfectly correlated. You have small children and plan on having more small children. I think you are a candidate to bring your children into your workout scheme. See if you can do 3 sets of 10 infant presses (lift the 12 mo. old over your head 10 times successively). I'll bet the kid'll like it. Infant curls will also work wonders. Also, keep up the XC skiing, and perhaps add 3 sets of 10 (or more) lunges. Do these 2+ times per week, and you should see improvement in your figure. Don't worry about the weight unless you are planning on being competitive in a weight-classed sport like wrestling. Also, check out some of the tastier low-cal recipes we have on-line. Roasted cauliflower is a good item to look at. Grilled or roasted veggies would be great too. But, I will also tell you to not worry too much. Increase your exercise a bit and decrease your portion size a bit, and life will be good. However, as long as you are nursing I would urge you to err more on the side of exercise, and when you are pregnant again, simply ask your MD or OB/GYN about some additional ideas.
  9. A cloth bag filled with dried corn works well as a heating pad, or cooling pad. It microwaves and freezes well.
  10. jsolomon

    Wild Boar

    Have you tried a wild sow?
  11. Back of the Box Gourmet My mother got this for my brother when he went to college. He insisted I cook out of it for him and his wife. Ick.
  12. Fat Tire Beer. Once they got big, they got nasty.
  13. As I see it, which is more from an ethical/moral standpoint, not legal, you DO owe them something. Whether it was taken care of with the 1/6th deposit, I'm not sure. However, here is what I see: 1: There were VERY late 2: They blamed your directions which apparently worked with Koreans 3: They didn't bring the agreed-upon serving dishes <-- not sure if I understood that correctly from your post. But, they did deliver the agreed-upon food. So, there was some amount of service delivered. I'm not sure what the legal requirements of reducing your bill for a situation like this, but I would tend to say something approaching wholesale cost for the ingredients would be fair in a situation like this.
  14. That's not exactly true, as anyone with a shakey, or removed, gall bladder can tell you. There are certainly more causes for indigestion than there are symptoms, but when someone tells me that fatty foods cause them indigestion, I generally believe them. Personally, any time I have a radical change in my diet I have a few days of novel digestive patterns.
  15. Well, if you want to, I can recommend a rather large group of conscientious ranchers who would be tickled to sell you a calf, or multiple calves. I also know several custom butchers who would be tickled to break your beef down into any type of cut you would prefer. Contact me offline if you would like to get some phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Ditto for pork. Heck, you might even be able to get some Bambi hot dogs out of the bargain from one of the butchers.
  16. jsolomon

    The Joy of Cumin.

    I second Jinmyo's roast pork, but I also like cumin in my mashed sweet potatoes and yams. Also quite nice with sweet winter squashes like acorn and butterrnut.
  17. Mabelline, thank you for catching my drift and not my English. Pan, what Mabelline said. We are unconcerned with what the popular media tells us about eating a varied diet because we concern ourselves with it. A thousand apologies, effendi.
  18. jsolomon


    It sounds to me like the clear solution to the problem is to make sure and ingest ethanol whenever you are ingesting aspartame to make sure that you counteract any sort of methanol/formaldehyde toxicity. Hmm... sounds like a good reason to drink Irish coffee
  19. I know a guy who got scurvy in his youth because he didn't want to eat any vegetables or fruit. Just meat, meat, meat. Having eaten more than my fair share of MRE's, I have longed for digestible foods with an--ahem--exit strategy. So, I don't find it very hard to conceive that people in times or places where eating a varied diet was fashionable, or possible, would have a measure of concern about digestibility of food. Of course, I wouldn't think that most of we e-G-ers are concerned about eating a varied diet. Of course, I'm also open to the idea that the term digestibility was used as a euphemism for eliminate-abilty.
  20. I think I would have to be more interested in smoked mushrooms... But the deviled eggs in smoked tomato shells sounds tres delish.
  21. Rachel, I have one of those ginger graters and it works marvelously for small amounts of horseradish as well.
  22. Oh, dear. That reminds me of the triumph of my senior year of Chemistry on a drug and alcohol free campus. I had a research project to do, for which I had a $~50 budget (from departmental funds) and was working at a BREWERY Needless to say, I parlayed my project toward food and alcohol. I devised a project that needed approximately 100 mL of beer, but my boss conveniently only sold in 1/2 gallon quanitites. So... I talked my U into buying 3 1/2 gallon bottles of different offerings from my boss which I then took my samples from, locked the lab door, and "disposed" of the rest with my T.A. Best "A" I ever got.
  23. You should see how poorly American food producers are treated! Umm, am I the only one that saw the headline and thought about bacon? Jinmyo, you are exempted from answering.
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