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  1. jsolomon

    Favorite condiment

    Mustard and sriracha, and from the kitchen de Mom bacon, rhubarb sauce, and wild plum jam. Hopefully soon to add ham hocks in the kitchen de Mom series.
  2. tetrapyloctomy embodied.
  3. They're perpetually "horse doovers" in my cattle-country family...
  4. Isn't that traditionally served with Spam en croute instead of croutons?
  5. FG, what I have gleaned from several 10's of cups I've had of cold-brewed coffee (at one point I knew the term for that brewing process) is that it is arguably a better tasting process to use whilst making coffee for many at one time. I believe that Burger King used to get some coffee of that nature from Dewey Egberts (definitely horribly misspelled). If I were making coffee for 100 with marginal regularity (say 3+ times/year) I would consider using it instead of drip or--horror--a percolator. However, coffee for few, definitely press or individual I hold as superior. I love my Melitta 1-cup filter holder.
  6. Coupling, the bi-vegetarian dinner sketch. Baaa! Baaa!
  7. I will never read this thread whilst drinking anything both alcoholic and carbonated... it burns!
  8. jsolomon

    Cycling and food

    I have many many friends who have gone on RAGBRAI throughout the years. From what I've gathered from them, these pies are simply the normal fare you will find at cafes and the like in small towns in the Great Plains/Midwest. The stories I keep hearing, though, are more about the heroic amounts of beer to be drank there. FYI, I run with the Nebraska Hash House Harriers who have been known to join the RAGBRAI occasionally.
  9. jsolomon

    Cycling and food

    You all ride much more than me. A long ride in my lexicon is actually shorter than a long run (10 mile ride vs 13 mile run). My refueling meal is pickles when I get in to get the crap out of my mouth. Then, good beer with bacon and pasta and real alfredo. But, I don't ride competitively. I just eat what tastes great.
  10. Umm... why do we want a smaller T-bone or less loin? Ditto for shoulder to smoke. But, scours season would be easier!
  11. 1 part coffee 1 part Dr. Pepper 1 part Peach Schnapps And, I wonder why my liver is messed up. Thank you, 3rd year of college. I won't even bother you with the name I saw for it. Edited to add a pesky comma.
  12. The chicken may not spin itself, but its orbit as such, exposes all 360 degrees of the spinal axis (around which the chicken is mounted) to whatever heating element is in the oven, which is sufficient... usually. That being said, I've never had one. However, the Ronco set it and forget it thing does pretty good when you stuff the chicken with garlic and mushrooms. Yum!
  13. When I first joined in '95, the food was great... and I ended up putting on 40 lbs in 3 weeks. But at West Point, we were worked much harder than in regular basic training. Due to forces beyond my control, ended up going through Ft. Benning, Georgia for enlisted basic in 2002. The food there was atrocious.
  14. Oh dear. You can't show that on TV. The public backlash will be greater than that of Janet Jackson's breast. BTW, looking for sourdough bread information is what led me to eGullet. Great info here! Edit to add: sign me up for 2 of each shirt, and 15 if they have beer instead
  15. I slow my steady gorging when it comes to hominy; however, I haven't turned hominy away for quite a while. Normal things people don't like? Beets, bring 'em on. Liver? More! MRE's? I'll trade my jalapeno cheese. Steak tartare? Please! I love food.
  16. pH's of lower than about 5 are sufficient to inhibit botulism quite well. The CDC in the editorial note of this case states that a pH lower than 4.6 is sufficient for foods kept higher than 39F. IMO, those are pretty high standards. However, they are safe. 4.6 is lower pH and higher acid content than that of tomatoes (if I remember correctly) and I never worry about botulism in tomato products. HTH
  17. How about gratuitous usage of toothpicks and good fresh bread with large bubble-divots in it and well-toasted to keep things on a good non-slippery surface. Also, keeping the tomato slices thin and not putting huge glops of mayo seems to help. Alternatively, take my tactic and try to never eat around people who you have to impress, then you can swill your food and let it slop everywhere. However, I lived for quite some time with a group of Malaysians in college, and after eating so many meals with only my hands, I lost Jinmyo's issue with slide-y food. Edit to clarify: this group of malaysians typically ate rice and curry using their hands and since we shared cooking duties, we all ate together in the same manner.
  18. Morels usually grow where there is moist ground, fallen trees, and freeze-thaw cycles in the spring. I have a good spot in NE where I typically harvest 7-8 pounds in a late-morning/afternoon in late April or early May. I usually look for a period where there has been some frost and precip followed by 4 or 5 (or so) days of nice warm weather. Individual mileage may vary.
  19. I will never again clean a self-cleaning oven using Easy-Off. Yeah, so it's not hilarious. But, manual labor of that sort sucks.
  20. Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and James Morrow. Satire a la carte. Edit to add fourth person, Warren Embree, an old buddy/employer of mine.
  21. Wow, the last time I saw something along that line, my buddy was carving a pumpkin with a sawz-all. I'll have to see if I can scare up that picture... Disturbing.
  22. jsolomon

    Cooking Dried Beans

    I have found that pressure-cooking older beans helps tenderize them quite a bit, but alas, I cook too few beans for my tastes. You just can't find black beans in Nebraska
  23. jsolomon

    Superbowl Food

    I was going to do fish tacos and deviled eggs, but my philistine grad student friends decided that godfather's pizza would be better. Feh!
  24. jsolomon

    Pacific NW Heretic

    When I visited there several years ago, I thought that the reason for that was the prominence of charbucks coffee around there. It kind of gives one a taste for the bitter...
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