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    Science dishes

    Grignard epinards--now with more magnesium!
  2. jsolomon

    Science dishes

    I think non compos mentos might be more apt ← Don't be hatin' on the Michaelis-Menten equation
  3. jsolomon

    Grilling 60 steaks for dinner

    With jus, dear. With au jus is redundant.
  4. jsolomon


    Is that right? I had read that it is big in California. I hear a lot about Woody eating all raw, this raw chef dude Chad Sarno being a bit of a superstar, and raw restaurants opening by the dozen. Thanks for the responses - I have ordered Nina Planck's book as instructed and will be reading it with great interest. These are the main reasons cited for eating raw 1. Raw food is more easily digested. 2. Life force (as seen through Kirlian photography) of raw food is beneficial. 3. Increased levels of energy and health. 4. Reduces strain on pancreas as body does not need to produce enzymes to digest the food - the enzymes are still in the food when eaten. Its this fourth one I'd like to be able to shoot down - for some reason. She did eat a nice french onion tart and a little roquefort last night though. That sweet smell of caremelising onions got to her in the end! ← 1 and 4 are pure unadulterated bullshit. Cooking breaks many of the chemical bonds that hold proteins, fats, and sugars in indigestible forms, thus making many more of them digestible. That is why we notice that many cooked forms of meat are more tender than their raw form: chemistry has changed, releasing certain nutrients. Ditto with things like beets, where our teeth cannot possibly grind through beet cell walls. Cooking releases more nutrients by breaking the cell walls. And, while digestive enzymes may still be in raw food, so are the defensive enzymes. That's why we don't eat raw beans or raw nettles. Bad things would happen. And Jason, there are no raw food vegans in hell. You should be able to figure out why.
  5. jsolomon

    Science dishes

    Alton Brownies Spotted Dick Feynman Max Plancked Salmon Michaelis Mentos
  6. jsolomon

    Guy Food

    Oh, veggies are most certainly man food. Especially the kind that have a retort or two the next day. Guys; men; manly men; big, hairy, beastly, ghastly men love the things that food do to their metabolisms. Food gives conversations the best punctuation. Especially the next day.
  7. jsolomon

    Eat to beat the heat?

    Tonight I'm frying chicken. Outside, though. If I do it inside, the dogs go nuts.
  8. jsolomon

    Cutting Boards

    Non-toxic is a significant misnomer. If it weren't toxic, it wouldn't kill the bacteria and/or fungi. However, hydrogen peroxide degrades quickly (especially in the presence of peroxidase-producing bacteria) and acetic acid is a volatile acid.
  9. jsolomon

    Canning "uncannable" foods

    For some of those, you need some interesting stabilizers otherwise your product may break on you, just like a sauce will break or separate. Others, you may have problems with acids, etc. Best of luck!
  10. jsolomon

    Seafood 101

    I would also suggest (even though it's not exactly seafood, but freshwater fish) is poached catfish, like Alton Brown has done on Good Eats. Easy and forgiving.
  11. Stovetop, that depends a lot on the predominant crops in the area. In Nebraska, cows get fed a lot of corn and soybeans, because that's what we have a lot of here. In other areas, the cows get fed oats or barley, or what-have-you, because shipping the feed grains does matter in cost. Now, what I don't quite understand, is why there can't be a grain finish done on a ranch. Sort of a middle ground between what we have now.
  12. jsolomon

    Eat to beat the heat?

    Hit 103 Sunday here in Nebraska. No change.
  13. jsolomon

    What's Everyone's Favorite Beer?

    Well, I'm too young to say "Billy Beer", so I'll have to answer Spilker Ales Windchill Spiced Ale. Sadly, it's not produced anymore.
  14. jsolomon

    "Black Tot Day" approaches.

    No, they're Hash House Harriers. They'll cope, because they're expert copers. Besides, we always need an excuse to bend the elbow at six bells on a Monday.
  15. Good plan. DVD's aren't that nutritious or digestible.
  16. jsolomon

    Pairing for mango mousse

    Uh, sure....give me your password and carte blanche at your restaurant, and I'll spell and grammar check all of your posts!
  17. jsolomon

    Pairing for mango mousse

    Mango and peach are a good combination, but when I was in El Salvador a few months ago, fresh mangos were served with lime juice squeezed over them, and occasionally a pepper sauce akin to tabasco, or a Louisiana-style hot sauce. It was super-refreshing when it was hot. So, how about with a lime granita?
  18. jsolomon

    Food for long plane ride

    M&M's and peanuts. Perhaps a couple of thermoses of hot chocolate if your flight is a meat locker like my last flight was. I swear it was below 60 in that cabin. ON THE WAY BACK FROM HAWAII! WTF???
  19. jsolomon

    Might be moving to Austin...

    Just drown your frustrations on 6th Street and you'll fit in with the locals.
  20. I don't know of the date, but the largest testicle festival in the world is at South Bend Nebraska in June each year. Testicle Festival date from this year
  21. jsolomon

    "Black Tot Day" approaches.

    I'll have to call up some squid friends and make a date with them. 'Course, everyone knows the Army can drink the Navy under the table, so I feel sorry for the poor sots. But we'll try to make an evening of it. But, sheesh, on a Monday? What the hell kind of idea was that?
  22. jsolomon

    Why Cure Meat?

    Mike, you ask a compelling question, but you neglect to give a nod to the realities of people who practice charcuterie. There are reasons of intellectual curiosity: it's neat to try these things and succeed. It's like performing magic! Also, there are other reasons. For people like me, the reason is one of economics. Sure, I can buy the superior products, but not locally. So, I end up spending a premium on the product, and then a second premium on the transportation--if it's possible at all. So, you're completely ignoring issues of access and economics when you state the question like you do. So, why do I do it? Because my bacon, jerky, and sausages are simply better and cheaper when I make them myself.
  23. Have you checked the accuracy of your oven thermostat?
  24. If you are really ready to try something new, try a curriculum partly based on the concept Roger Welsch was talking about in "Weed 'em and Reap" Here's the blurb off of the back. "Join best-selling humorist Roger Welsch as he gathers and prepares wild fare, and soon you, too, will be able to amaze everyone around the campfire by serving up a salad, stew, vegetables, drink, or dessert made from ingredients found within yelling distance of the tents. This fun-to-read yet practical guide teaches more about morels, cattails, and smut (the fungus kind) than you ever thought possible. There's also information on making wines, jams, and jellies, and even gathering and enjoying acorns the Native American way." ISBN 0-7627-3907-X