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    Mint: Uses & Storage

    I like mint in my carbonara, so I bet some would be great on a simple fried egg or poached egg.
  2. jsolomon

    What to do with a whole pork loin?

    Sounds like your pork needs a cure... Make sausage, or back bacon.
  3. jsolomon

    Raw Eggs in Beer

    For some reason, when I read that question, I remembered Rocky Balboa... but he just cracked the eggs into a glass and drank them, right? I've heard of it. What's more common in my area is a red beer. Usually some mixture of 10%-50% tomato juice in a beer, usually light.
  4. Usually you plot the response of a set of standards of ethanol/water mixtures on a Near Infrared spectrometer. Then, you find the response of your mixture, and read it off of the plot. But, 50% abv, in my lab, would mean for each liter, you would add first 500 ml of alcohol. Then, you would add to the 1 liter mark of water, meaning that you would add 500 ml of water to get 956 ml, and then keep adding water to 1 liter. Typically, 50% by volume means that you measure 50% of the desired final volume, then don't measure what you're topping up with. However, there are other more precise methods. When you are talking about ABV you are allowing yourself certain wiggle rooms due to volume not being a conserved property.
  5. jsolomon

    Uhh, I need coffee

    I think I just made the most disgusting coffee drink in existence. I wasn't paying attention, and had my melitta one-cup sitting on top of my breakfast/lunch mug (read: never-washed, oatmeal and ramen mug), and in my caffeine-reduced haze, I poured my hot water over my fresh grounds, and mixed my coffee into all of the detritus sitting in that dirty mug. I'm a little frightened to try my coffee. I have a second one, too. One morning, after a particularly rough night, I got some coffee from the store across the street from where the party ended, and as the coffee was bad, burnt, etc, I dumped about three spoonfuls of sugar in. But, the sugar was from the same bowl as the margarita salt. More undrinkable coffee. What sort of good-meaning problems have you had?
  6. The new, smaller gobstoppers really piss me off. I want my older, two-across gobstoppers, dammit!
  7. Steve, there is grass fed beef, and there is grass fed beef. Marketed grass fed beef are an interesting animal that has a young US market. Things still have to stabilize with it. Of course, it would help if the marketing people would attempt to understand the product before they try to market it. That's part of the reason there is so much confusion.
  8. Umm... have you thought about seceding from the county?
  9. jsolomon

    Feasting on Asphalt

    AB, next time do the Trans America, or Pan America trail... on a dual-sport! Weeble makes a dual-sport, the F650 Dakaaaa-aaarrrrr.... And, if you need medical support for it, I'll offer my services for food and fuel!
  10. jsolomon

    Feasting on Asphalt

    I'm normally pretty handy with Google. Anyhoo, after looking at how my motorcycle is laid out, I'm just going to get a couple of GI canteen cups and baling wire. Screw capitalism.
  11. jsolomon

    Feasting on Asphalt

    Where did Alton's buddies get their manifold cooker? I would LOVE to get one of those for my motorcycle. Oh, and Chris, that was one homely looking gigantor burger you fed Alton. Classic!
  12. jsolomon


    Being a bottom-feeder on the pay scale, and not having a trust fund, I do have to respond with "cry me a river." I unfortunately do shop for sales on industro-meat because that's what I can afford. So, I brine. I brine proudly. I will continue to brine proudly until I can afford my little 40 acres of heaven where I can grow my own animals and tell the industro-meat growers to go to hell and take their crappy products with them. I'm also agnostic about the don't freeze it thing. There's freezing, and then there's freezing. The final product of a frozen meat does depend on how the freezing and storage was done.
  13. jsolomon

    My morning coffee fix...

    Uhh, you might want to check that your coffee wasn't decaf this morning, Owen!
  14. jsolomon

    Feasting on Asphalt

    Not all of them are ultramarathoners, but all are sufficiently crazy. I did the marathon last year, and even in August, when I got to the summit at ~noon it was 30 degrees. I do agree that someone should have given them a sanity check, but I doubt that they were checking in with the home office regularly enough for the home office to do that (if TVFN has that much sense...). Granted, they could have asked a local about the wisdom of their choice and then purchased gear. Oh well. I thought the third episode was better than the first. That looked like some STRONG coffee, though. I wonder if AB has more hair on his chest, now.
  15. jsolomon

    Packing Wine in Checked Luggage?

    Take the train. Security is much less pain.
  16. jsolomon

    Science dishes

    Shades of my organic professor, Dr. Kingsbury! Does that mean I should serve Kingsbury Salmon, or Alaskan Kingsbury Crab? Or, Braised Eckhardt? Roast Swanson?
  17. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    I'm a little confused. Is this topic about quoting someone who uses exceptionally witty short words, or is this about a professional (ish) writer putting down "it reminded me of nothing so much as shit"? I am all for the former. For the latter, there are times and places. Edit to add: pesky comma
  18. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    And the last time you saw my name as a writer was on what? If I were a professional writer, I would have starved long ago. Instead, I'm a scientist, so I can eat! Oh, and drink coffee. But, best of all, people pay me to ferment!
  19. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    Mea culpa. I don't think there is a direct usage of accusative gerunds in English. Also, they don't directly translate to what I was saying, as they apply to wishing, saying, and perception. 'Course, I could be wrong there, too. Wouldn't be the first time I had shit for brains.
  20. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    You may believe that, but the first time an editor tried that to me, they'd be fired on the spot. Singular subject, singular verb, singular object. If the fundamentals aren't there, they don't edit me. For what it's worth, I'm all for addic [sic]--square brackets, or other items to contextualize when directly quoting. And, I'm also all for profanity. I do strongly subscribe to Rogov's camp, however. The vast majority of the time, one really ought to eschew profanity. However, when speaking of shit, one must use the term shit. And there are perfectly ripe times to say "if you change one more fucking word of mine, I'll run you out of this god-damned town!" Note the hyphen, and the use of the past tense--both correct. Pedantic, even. But, that's how I like my grammar. Edit to add: When I play editor, I don't change words, unless they are misspellings or for agreement in gender, case, or tense. If I were editing this post, I would send it back to myself with the note "the last paragraph contains the word 'however' serially. You may want to change it." And leave it to the damned food to change if he wanted to or not.
  21. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    That's not necessarily true. However, quoting people verbatim is a fantastic way to let them air their inner genius, or stupidity. That's why it is my modus operandum.
  22. jsolomon

    Profanity in food writing

    I think what most of you are suggesting, bowdlerizing the offending term, is censorship, and therefore distasteful, unethical, and (hopefully, but not in America) illegal. I don't have a problem with profanity in food writing, food speaking, or food decorating. It is true that many people have a better vocabulary than to use profanity. However, there are times when an appropriate interjection works just so. That is why we have so many words in the language. You don't say red when maroon is the word that works just so. Also, allowing profanity provides for teaching moments for people who are so inclined to teach on profanity. Y'know the whole "timmy, if you say shit one more time, I'll wash your mouth out with soap!" Teaching moments. But, if we are all meaning to be tolerant of other groups, there are groups that use more profanity than others, and we should be tolerant and accepting of them. If for no other reason than that, we shouldn't break into the profanity debate, except to defend it.
  23. jsolomon

    Foodie Motivational Posters

    The breakfast that launched a million marriages.
  24. jsolomon

    Icky Brown Rice

    You could make it like mexican rice, that will cover most of the rice smell with tomatoes and onions
  25. jsolomon

    Wild Mushrooms

    I've always been a fan of mushroom risotto with wild ones. Other really good dishes for wild mushrooms are... Mushroom stroganoff (add a little bit of lavender to really gild the lily) Mushroom cream gravy (saute mushrooms in butter, add flour for roux, make gravy)--great on biscuits or meat loaf Mushroom pate (one of the best ways to use morels, in my book) Rice stir fry (soy sauce, sesame oil, egg, and day old rice) Mushroom soup (sweat mushrooms, aromatics, and some green leafies, add veg stock, really awesome when dumplings are added)