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  1. I think everyone has his/her favorite chicken recipe ? For me it depends on the period, I think every 3 to 6 month I have a new favorite chicken recipe. Recently my favorite is Crispy Lemon 🍋Chicken. To make it crispy, I fry it 2 times oftenly : * The first time it's about 160 degrees and fry for 4-5 minutes * The second time, about 180 degrees, fried for 2-3 minutes The lemon sauce is not a flavor from my childhood, but a flavor I very cherish after I lived in France for several years: I think it is genius to combine the Chinese and western flavor together. The lemon sauce has his reason to exist: it help the last piece of the chicken become as delicious as the first piece if you know what I mean 😂 The special sauce of lemon and fish sauce gives it a fresh fruity aroma, makes it stand out in all the recipes I tried recently.....Just cannot stop. This is actually a dish being sold everywhere in France , I think it is the same situation in America no? I bought it thousand times in Panda Express..... My last favorite chicken dish was white chicken ... maybe it is again my favorite when I run out the one bottle of lemon sauce I made at a time in my fridge .... What is your favorite chicken recipe ? well ....Recently
  2. LeaSim

    Lunch 2020

    My homemade tonkatsu. My man is a Japanese chef, and he said I made the best tonkatsu~ (okay maybe he likes to compliment his wife hahah😊) But I choose to believe him anyway. Cause it is pretty delicious..... With age growing, I am looking for ways of making dish more healthy, but delicious is always the most important thing. The pork chop is very lean meat, but buy washing it right and break its fibre we could make it very very tender. Also I used fewer oil, but the result is just .... very crispy , which, dont laugh at me haha, I think is the most important factor for a good tonkatsu. I used rice wine to eliminate the bad sad of any meat.
  3. LeaSim

    Breakfast 2020!

    My breakfast since my childhood is Jian bing, a kind of pancake (But very different taste) made from just all purpose flower. I remember mom used to add some veggie juice in the paste so that it is more healthy and delicious. And after growing up, I still have this as breakfast very often, sometimes put some mushrooms in it (after frying). It is just simply good........
  4. LeaSim

    Dinner 2020

    Hello @shain, yes the tofu made with nigari is firmer and yet fresher , you are right. Button crumbly, it depends on the ratio of the water and the beans. But sometimes it is very good to eat a stronger flavored tofu, when you want this kind of tofu nigari tofu is your choice ~~ it is what I think. Have a nice day
  5. LeaSim

    Dinner 2020

    Found Nigari in an organic store(and then I know Nigari is just sold everywhere), So I tried the old method to make Tofu with yellow beans, and make the tofu with chili sauce that I bought a thousand time in Panda Express..... I used to really hate Tofu but after discovering some really good recipes I started to become a real fans. So today's dinner (one of the dishes haha)
  6. haha Yes I believe so. you know the food habit is a real deal, sometimes it makes me (us?) close my eyes in front of the really genius dish. I think just till recently I really started to enjoy and discover the foreign food......And amazed... every time I got my eyes opened, I am very strongly happy (if we express like that in English haha)
  7. Thank you Kim for your warm welcome, yes I would love to share my passion and spread some yumminess with U ~~
  8. I am from Beijing, the capital where the city is full of people from all around the world and the greeeeeat food all around the world ^&^
  9. Hello dear friends, Thank you admin Smithy for accepting me in this forum, I wondered around and I saw some great content here. I am from china and now living in France for a while, after several years here in France I finally open my eyes to the French food. Cause the differences between asian food and French food are so big hahah, It really takes you several years to say: eh ha, okay maybe I will make the chicken legs not with chili, but cream... Si I am eager to see more different food and also share with you my cooking tips, cause I literally spent all my weekend in the kitchen, even sometimes on vacation... Here is some of my crazy days in kitchen Thank you for accepting me and let me begin this new journey of exploring. Happy cooking day you all Best regards, LeaSim
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