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  1. Has anyone tried infusing vodka with juniper berries? I'm guessing the result would be something like gin. Or vodka with sloe berries?
  2. It made me smile when I bit into it, it was exactly like eating a moist bread version of a pretzel, as opposed to a big soft pretzel. It had a beautiful bi-colored top. I don't believe I've ever had pretzel bread before. I'm almost certain it was baked by Eli's Bread, I bought a few things, yesterday, and didn't pay close attention. ← which garden of eden?
  3. Does anybody know where to get a loaf of pretzel bread or pretzel rolls in the city? Help!
  4. love her enthusiasm or hate it, she can talk and cook at the same time like nobody i've ever seen. and she's selling more cookbooks than anyone else. i think her mag will fill the void between gourmet/bon app and martha stewart living.
  5. yes, FG, but would you actually propose such an arrangement to your "friends" before going out to dinner?
  6. From the LA Times: "(We would split the cost of any bottle we bought at the restaurant when we split the entire bill at the end of the evening, so I've always felt that the proper etiquette with a bottle from my cellar is that we split my original cost on the bottle. This saves everyone money since it's always less than we would pay for a heavily marked-up restaurant bottle. Everyone we've eaten with has seemed to appreciate both the savings and the wine — which is generally older and better than what most restaurants have at the same price.)" Does anybody else charge their friends for the wi
  7. Hesser is no stranger to the corrections page.
  8. Harry Covére

    Riedel "O" Series

    experts: how much would holding the bowls in your hand actually affect the wine? say, you're at a party, swirling and sipping for 20 minutes without putting the glass down: would that warm it up to a point that the wine flavor would be effected?
  9. FG, we'll hold you to that. And if J.M. takes the gig (please, lord, no) I'll eat my boxers (blanched, of course, with beurre blanc).
  10. according to andrea strong's web site, and now gawker hmm, guess who's picture will be posted on every hostess stand from here to hackensack.
  11. I heard the Mr. Wizard of the kitchen is coming out with a new book real soon. Anyone heard about this?
  12. Has anyone found any premium boxes in NYC?
  13. Harry Covére

    cheese caves

    not sure what your facilities consist of, but i know a fine food distributor who installed a simple river rock bedded fountain in one of his warehouse's walk-ins, which he swears by.
  14. I use the Gallery of Regrettable Food to cheer myself up anytime I flub a meal. It's absolutely the funniest thing you'll ever see.
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