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  1. Focaccia with almonds, onion and rosemary
  2. I only have a single loaf pan, so I made a 3/4 recipe. Below are the actual amounts I used. As I'm at altitude, my version is light on the yeast. Also, I realize now that I didn't account for the different flour weights, so there's less cornmeal and more whole wheat flour than in the published recipe. Ingredient Percentage 3/4 Recipe AP flour 62.5 240g Cornmeal 12.5 48g Whole wheat flour 25 96g 1 cup boiling water + 1 cup 110F water 92 177g + 177g Molasses 16 61g (3 tbsp) Butter 5 21g (1.5 tbsp) Kosher Salt 2.3 9g (1.5 tsp Diamond/.75 tsp Mortons) Yeast (@high altitude) 0.8 3g (1.1 tsp yeast) ETA: I previously made the standard recipe and really liked that as well. I made half of it in an Anchor Hocking glass bowl and the other half in the loaf pan as a short loaf: There's a lot more info on the standard recipe at Alexandra Stafford's blog: https://alexandracooks.com/2012/11/07/my-mothers-peasant-bread-the-best-easiest-bread-you-will-ever-make/
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. I actually measured by weight instead of volume, so the hydration percentage should have remained the same. I'm sure you're right about the amylopectin, or rather I will be sure once I figure out what it means. I'll try a split top next time.
  4. I'm one of those folks who never really did much baking until being trapped inside by the pandemic. I was lucky to get my hands on some yeast in early April and I've been making a variety of baked goods since then. This is Anadama Peasant Bread. I got the recipe here, but it's originally from Bread Toast Crumbs, by Alexandra Stafford. ETA: I forgot about my questions. The loaf has a ragged edge. Is that a blowout? Should I try to score the bread next time, even though it's a really wet dough with 92% hydration? The top of the loaf shows some yellowish spots and streaks. I thought I mixed it well before the rise. Any idea why I see the color variation?
  5. In the winter, maple syrup, bourbon, and orange bitters work really well together.
  6. While digging around on Amazon, I found this Traex spoonula: https://www.amazon.com/SPOON-13-0367-TRAEX-SPATULAS-LADLES/dp/B001E0JOVQ, although it doesn't look like it's in production anymore. It seems that Vollrath bought Traex several years ago. So if you want something similar, this one is probably the successor model.
  7. This scooper/strainer thing is my favorite. I don't know who designed it, but that nameless individual was almost certainly a cook. The oval perforations work better than round ones. They let a lot of liquid through, but will stop even small bits of food like cooked Israeli couscous. (I don't know why you almost never see colanders with oval holes.) The tines on the edges work well for grabbing long pasta. And the tines also allow the strainer bowl to bend, so it can get into the corners of a saucepan and fish out the last remaining bits of food. I use it to grab food from boiling water, to pull out the meat and vegetables after making stock, to remove the mini plastic balls from my sous vide set up, etc. I've seen other scoopers that sell for $10-20, but I think this one is better designed than any of the ones I've seen at Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, etc. I paid something like $2.50 at a HomeGoods/Marshall's type store. I'd love to get a second one, but I've never seen another for sale anywhere. ETA: I've looked for it online before and haven't had any luck, but after posting the above I searched Amazon and found it in red for $7: https://www.amazon.com/Home-X-Extra-Deep-Strainer-Straining-Vegetables/dp/B011CGR7Z6/
  8. I just bought a new timer, not a fancy AI assistant, but an old-school one with a magnetic back. I wanted one a clock which showed the time with seconds, as I often just want to stir or blend something for 20 or 30 seconds and it would be overkill to set up an actually timer. The timer itself can count up or down, it's quite loud, and has a good backlight. I bought the TM01 which only has a single timer, but they also offer another model, the larger TM02 with two. TM01: https://buythermopro.com/product/thermopro-tm01-digital-timer-countdown-touchable-backlit/ TM02: https://buythermopro.com/product/thermopro-tm02-dual-digital-kitchen-timer/
  9. This is from the FAQ on the Staub UK site: [https://www.staub-online.com/uk/en/pages/faq_castiron.html]
  10. Vitamix.com has the reconditioned Explorian blender on sale for $200 with coupon code SAVENOW. It's their base model and it's reconditioned, but I think that's about as good a price as you'll see https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/shop/certified-reconditioned-explorian
  11. chord

    Dinner 2019

    I'm not sure why, but I've had limited interest in cooking recently. However, I had a friend over for the evening so I needed to make something. The original plan was to cook on the downstairs gas grill, but the rainy weather forced a change in plan. - Pork Tenderloin, cooked SV - Potato Salad - Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant - Fruit and Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce for dessert (not pictured)
  12. chord

    Dinner 2019

    From what I've seen it hasn't been a problem. Yesterday, someone was already using the grill so I just asked them to keep in running once they were done and we hopped on after they removed all their food. Also, it's a pretty big, industrial-sized instrument, so two small groups can use it simultaneously if they don't have too much to cook. But we'll see how it goes now that we're approaching peak grilling season.
  13. chord

    Dinner 2019

    I had some friends over for a vegan cookout on the communal apartment grill. Pineapple salsa (from TJ's) and hummus with chips Portobello mushroom burgers with vegan mayo, marinated onions and dijon mustard Beyond Meat burgers* with the same toppings A fennel, celery heart, parsley, radish and radish green salad Street fair corn I was also going to make grilled banana splits for dessert, but everyone was just too full to eat anything else. * I had heard good things about the Beyond Meat burgers, and I have to say that i did quite enjoy them. Not exactly the same as real beef, but I would definitely eat these again.
  14. chord

    Dinner 2019

    Confession time: I didn't make the spaetzle. It's a dried pasta product that I saw in a Big Lots and decided to buy on a whim. The pasta is from Germany, so it's probably not made with ramps. According to the ingredient label, they used "wild garlic powder," whatever that means. It did taste pretty good though.
  15. chord

    Dinner 2019

    It was stuffed with sautéed mixed greens (kale, spinach and chard), swiss cheese, and toasted walnuts. I had extra stuffing so for tonight I used the leftovers for stuffed mushrooms alongside roasted broccoli and a tomato salad.
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