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  1. Hello hello My girlfriend got me a coffee bean roaster so I could roast my own green beans to ensure I get non-stale just roasted beans every morning (after de-gassing for 24 HR of course). I need a recommendation for a good source / purveyor that is reputable etc. I just googled and found https://invalsacoffee.com Ever hear of this outfit? They list the date of arrival of their Bolivian beans (not sure about other areas). Do you have a recommended source to buy the best beans? What are your thought about the AAA ratings vs. Cup of Excellence scores? And any info you might have for a new coffee roaster at home guy would be appreciated. I'm using SR500 roaster for like $170 or something and glanced through some roasting bean books by Kenneth Ross and Scott Rao (from an article I read in Cooks Illustrated). Thanks buds.
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