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  1. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    So me and my wife made a little experiment that turned out to be super awesome and tasty. There is a Crimean dish called "Chebureki", which is basically ground lamb or beef with lots of onion, sealed in a dough and deep fried. Its very yummy and has all the awesome parts like juicy meat, hot broth, and crispy skin of the dough. I also love the simplicity of a classic cheesburger. Guess what we made hahaha We took basic ground beef 80/20, added a little bit more onion to it, salt pepper, pickles, american cheese, ketchup and mustard. Quick deep fry, and wowzers was it amazing
  2. Thank you Kenneth. I usually snap them on my dining table during the day with natural lighting from a window, and a simple soft light from the other side. Nothing really fancy
  3. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    Absolutely my friend. I cook with Sous Vide a lot actually.
  4. Simple antipasto with grilled artichokes, sopressata, proscuitto, potato croquette, parmesano Pizza with sausage, pancetta, leeks and jalapenos
  5. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    I made a 2 hour tri tip. Basic rub of garlic powder, onion powder, lots of black pepper, paprika, cumin. Smoked it with almond wood, and then 20 minute rest. Sandwiches are also on the way
  6. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    Oh my ! so many awesome dishes here lately. I've been out for a month with personal things, and now Im back into cooking Enjoying final weeks of fresh garlic so I made one of my favorite spaghetti dishes Aglio e Olio - Spaghetti with garlic and oil Such a super simple recipe, but the taste and flavor it packs is incredible guys. Highly recommend it. The pasta water and olive oil is a huge key Enjoy
  7. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    Nope, just simple 80/20 beef. salt, pepper
  8. Today for lunch I got some nice fresh shishito peppers from the farmers market, wild mushrooms, and some ham. Quick saute of peppers Little bit of bonito flakes, soy sauce, mirin, ponzu, and lots of garlic and then I saute some wild mushrooms and made one of my favorite flat bread with mushrooms, ham and cheese
  9. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    For dinner, I've made one of my favorite burgers. Pico de Gallo and doritos crumbs with peper jack
  10. Made a quick bucatini with a carbonara sauce
  11. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    Couldnt resist when I saw this nice crab at Whole Foods, so I decided to make a simple seafood boil for me and my wife Got some King Crab, lobster claws, shrimp, linguica sausage, red potatoes, onions, garlic, old bay, lemons, corn, and some spices I love.
  12. Haha no way Now i have so many ideas Im gona try and film with this
  13. Ok guys, Sorry I've been busy lately with other content, but I managed to do a $5 Challenge Meal this week. Went to the store over the weekend, and couldn't believe my eyes. I found some good pancetta for $1.97 Instantly I figured I must try to make a spaghetti amatriciana. Spaghetti - $0.34 Two Roma tomatoes - $0.57 One Yellow Onion - $0.50 Pancetta - $1.97 Grated Parmesan $1.00 TOTAL : $4.48 Got very very lucky. I cut our pancetta into little squares Saute it on the skillet with chopped onion Two awesome Roma tomatoes, also chopped into small squares Saute all of those for 10-15 minutes on medium heat Al dente spaghetti with little bit of pasta water goes in, and One Dollar Parmesan goes on It actually turned out pretty tasty guys though I wish the pancetta was a little bit smokier. Here is a video of the whole process Next challenge coming is $5 Whole Foods lol its possible
  14. ImportantElements

    Dinner 2018

    WOW ! That is purely amazing looks very good too
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