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  1. Over the years we've tried a number of things in my house but we always come back to Slimfast powder preferably chocolate malt. They quit carrying the regular stuff in our area awhile back and we've only been able to find the slimfast optima which has a bit much fiber for mom and not enough protein for me. Yesterday, we found a new high protein version out there. Got a can but haven't tried it yet. We have found Slimfast to have the most balanced nutrition without going too overboard in any one area.

    Oh, and the tupperware quick shake container comes in handy with any kind of powder for getting it smooth. When I was really sick and not in the mood for dealing with doing dishes, I would just rinse and pop it in the fridge next to the milk for my next use.


  2. A little early but I'll bump this up to make it easy to find. Last year my faves out of everything I made were Tejon's coconut cranberry chews from page 8 of this thread. Anybody got anything new and interesting?

  3. Are you talking just the dried beef in the jar? If so, layer across the bottom of a pan and top with a cut up chicken, take a can of cream of mushroom soup and an equal amount of sour cream mixed together and pour over the chicken and bake at, umm, I don't have the recipe in front of me so I'm going to guess 325-350 degrees until chicken is cooked through. Don't remember how long. An hour or so. Serve over white rice. A fave from my childhood. If you're not a huge fan of salt, you can rinse and pat dry the dried beef before hand. Me, I'm a salt whore so I don't rinse. Yum. Okay...now I'm hungry!

  4. For a half recipe, I usually use a 8x8 pan and for a quarter recipe I use a loaf pan which is a nice size batch of brownies for the two of us. I'd probably check it after about 20 minutes. And remember to keep the notes. I keep forgetting :rolleyes: to write down how long I do bake on one of my faves that I split from a loaf into muffins. One quick bread loaf recipe usually makes a nice dozen muffins as well.

  5. For example, why avoid Mint? A few online sources refer to it as the go-to place. I didn't, so I'm askin'.

    My experience with Mint has been inconsistant cocktails to the extreme. Same drink being ordered, one very sour, one very sweet. But that was a long time ago and could have changed with the staff. My other problem with them is the pre-sugared rims that sit on the bar and get hard. I find them to be less than a pleasure to sip. It makes licking the sugar off the rim of the glass pretty much impossible for those that actually enjoy sugared rims. That being said, when I had drinks at Taste of the Nation this year when Lucy was doing the shaking herself, they were killer.

  6. I actually seem to remember a recipe (seriously  :biggrin: ) for homemade corn whiskey (cheap moonshine) that was made with leftover cobs rather than cracked corn or cornmeal. A recipe born of poverty - using what one had. It might have been a Depression-era recipe or it might just have been a traditional Appalachian recipe. I've done a quick search on the web and it is not there, sadly. (My search was very brief - it might be found with more patience but I doubt if I'll make this recipe soon so I didn't look too hard. :raz: )

    Search for "corn squeezins".


  7. I don't think I could search much beyond Tejon's recipe. Her cookies rock sooooo hard. Life just doesn't get any better than sitting at a potluck near a basket of Tejon's cookies. Didn't care one bit about looking like a little piggy scarfing them down, one after another. Resistance is futile. :laugh:

  8. I've been told that eGulleter's can get a $250 discount on the demo program if they aren't using any other discount and mention that they're eGulleteers and use the code word ROUNDUP by May 31st. I hope to see some good posts on the classes this year and hope to meet some of you there. I'll be volunteering as usual.

    And Ciril was the fave of everyone I knew back when we were at the Rio in 2004. His classes are always great.

  9. My fave lately has been the banana bread for Pam from Alford & Duguid's Home Baking. A quarter recipe makes 6 muffins. I've been making them every other week for breakfast. I haven't gotten tired of them yet. I just vary it once in awhile by leaving out the coconut. I'd love to try some beer bread. That sounds sooo good.

  10. I've been using the recipe out of an old Sunset Hors d'oeuvres cookbook for about 20 years.  I have tried a couple of other recipes but always come back to this one.


    Good to know. I've been thinking of trying that recipe. I've tried the BBA recipe and it turned out okay. I tried the Montreal bagel recipe from Alford & Duguid's Home Baking. They use honey for boiling which is sweet when they first come out of the oven but disappears the next day. Liking it the best so far but still looking for the perfect bagel. I know the local fave here in town boils his with malt syrup.

  11. Pam recommended this last night when we were talking about Pearl bakery, but it didn't look fattening enough...so I passed.

    What? Did I neglect to tell you they dip them in butter to get the sugar to stick? :laugh: They do! Really!

    I'm so glad you two had a good time while you were here. And thank you so much for treating me to lunch at Salumi while I was up there. It was wonderful! :wub: I hope to chow again with the two of you soon!

  12. I was up for vacation this last week visiting Fwed and we stopped in. I got a good number of things and they were all wonderful. The praline dream that Ling has pictured above made me swoon. :wub: I think that was one of the most wonderful desserts I've had in a long time. Silky smoothness with a nice soft crunch at the bottom. I think the textures and flavor of that piece are just totally spot on. The macaroons were the best I've ever had. I tried the passionfruit and the orange ginger. Chocolate cake was wonderful. Not too light, not too heavy and great chocolatey flavor. Haven't gotten to the bon-bons still tucked in my suitcase. I'll try them tonight when I get home. Also had the sugar brioche which had the perfect level of sweetness for me. Great in the morning with a cup of tea. The chocolate and raspberry mousse dome was very nice. I'm not a huge fan of raspberry and chocolate together and I think the balance of the two was very well done. The raspberry didn't compete with the chocolate but accentuated it. I'm now a huge fan and wishing I were closer.

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