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  1. Someone MQ this person? O.K. I'll bite and risk sounding stupid...so awbrig, what does MQ stand for? And while I'm at it...don't you wish you could put voice tone on these things? It would help at times. I think sometimes I come across as a little too serious. Meant what I said though about the recipes. It's all about the food, Baby. Good stuff. And thanks everybody for the new titles to check out!

  2. After all the joking about Keith Famie's Adventures in Cooking...I do own it. I own all three of his cookbooks. So far everything I have made has been exceptional. I have yet to go wrong with one of his recipes. I own a lot of cook books and have made a ton of things over the years but nothing and I do mean nothing has ever gotten me the reactions I have gotten over the past couple of months with his recipes. I get groans and "When are you going to make that again?" I had to e-mail him and let him know that his Michigan bread pudding got me more "Oh my God.." than I have ever heard in my life over anything I've ever made. His Pacific NW smoked salmon risotto from "Yes, I Can Cook Rice..." was wonderful and the Bonne Terre recipes from his new book "You Really Haven't Been There Until You've Eaten The Food" cajun shrimp, mashed sweet potatoes and anduoille cream sauce are to die for. Just F.Y.I. people.

  3. One thing I have found to be of value in the fight of winter depression...it may sound a little weird or too simple but I was reading the back of a carton of epsom salts on day and it said "for relief of winter blues" pour two cups into a hot bath. It sounds like no big deal but it really, really works. There are times when I start to drag and can't seem to get motivated. I get really tired and something in my body just feels off balance. I take a bath with epsom salts and it seems to balance something. It's the difference between night and day. It doesn't get you wired but it brings the energy level up and puts me back on an even keel. Trust me...give it a try. Another thing I have found that helps is watching what I eat. There is a book out there called Potatoes Not Prozac. It's a great book! I don't follow the diet exactly but it helps to understand the relationship between brain chemicals and blood sugar levels. The author pushes you to cut out all sugar (which I don't) and boost your intake of protein and complex carbs at certain times of the day. I find that the more meat I eat, the better I feel. Just some thoughts, hope it helps!

  4. I love Manzanita too. Great feeling little town. A few too many memories though. A couple bottles of wine in the hottub, passed out naked wedged someplace where 9-1-1 had to be called to get me out and a local law enforcement officer leaning over me saying "I know the owner's of this place...they're going to love this story..." Silly girls...I know.

  5. Oh, and by the way...I'm at the downtown branch of the library where I use the computer several nights a week and the cookbook section alone will keep you busy for a long time. I do love living at Powell's though. What is it they say? Largest bookstore this side of the Rockies and second largest in the U.S. or something like that...

  6. For Portland $1.25 to 1.55 for public transit which I've been told by others is the best anywhere. It runs often, goes anywhere (except after midnight when they pretty much roll up the sidewalks.) A $56 monthly pass will take you anywhere you want to go anytime you want to go. I take home roughly $1200 a month share an apartment and I live just fine. I think it just depends on your standards. I eat out probably too much but I don't own a car. Whenever I've heard about prices in N.Y. (especially cigarettes) it always blows me away because it's always so much higher than here. There's a place here in town that can help you put together a light box with full spectrum tubes and I believe it ran my mother about $50 to put one together. More later...

  7. Wow! Where are all these people in Portland living and saying it's too white? Portland is incredibly diverse as far as I can see. Forget Salem and Eugene. Go for Portland. Jump on in the waters fine. Rent will run you about $700 up for a decent apartment although we hunted around and got a smallish two bedroom for $535. Lots of great food here! And you are a quick drive away from the mountains, the desert or the beach. We have a great big town but still homey feel. I think you'll enjoy it here!

  8. Thanks for the input guys! I wasn't excited about the dessert at Pambiche although I love the food! And the atmosphere on a warm night. I've been meaning to scope out Pix. They've had some interesting looking classes and the make your own dessert night sounded like a lot of fun. Definately check out Fife. And the bakery across the street. Their bismarks are to die for! Most bavarian cream filled donuts have that funky flavor to the filling but these you can taste the quality of the cream in them. If you try something new - post! Thanks again!

  9. Checked out Jim Dixon's web-site and totally agree with his on the point of desserts at Fife...absolutely wonderful! Totally fucking brilliant, in fact. Even the cheesecake with raspberry sauce was above average. I had the cardamom flan with sugared dates and tangelos I believe and going back and forth between sweet and tart.... it was a masterpiece in my humble opinion. Another I enjoy is the Chocolate Sheba at Alameda Brewhouse across the street. The best chocolate desset I have had in my life hands down. And In Good Taste has to be mentioned here as well. Anything I have had there has been wonderful. Hats of to Maya!

    So, my question is....what has everyone else had and enjoyed here in the Rose City?

  10. I was planning to go until the last minute when I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch and somehow my body reminded me that I had pretty much had my ass bounced off the wall all week at work. That's really bad when I give up eating nutts with Tony. Going through some serious burnout. And I knew I had to be at work bright and early and if I got started drinking...no rest for the weary. Next time 'round though. At least I got my book signed and a "Be good.." from Tony.

  11. Rabid? Rabid fans? I thought everybody at Powell's last night were pretty cool. So what is this secret handshake deal? Finger to the other chat forum that censors everything? I want to go check out the rocky mountain oyster shepard's pie but nobody will go eat with me. Sometimes eating out alone is ok. People look at you like you're mysterious or something..."Who is that woman dining alone and what is she writing?" But after I was a stumblebum last night when he signed my book (dropped my camera, knocked the little book rack off the table, and couldn't seem to say anything but "uh, thanks!") I think if I were sitting alone I might look like a rabid fan or something. Still thinking about it though. I might just run out the door at the last minute. ( going to eat cow nutts...don't wait up for me...)

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