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  1. Just as long as the local fire department and burn unit in the hospital are notified ahead of time, I say go for it!
  2. How does one sous vide such a large bird (serious question)?
  3. Keith_W, search for "sous vide chilean sea bass". It's the same fish.
  4. I ask also. No mint in Tabbouleh is like no chocolate in chocolate cake. The best (to MY taste, so your mileage may vary) tabbouleh I've ever had comes from a local Lebanese bakery. They don't use mint. They also use plenty of oil and lemon, which I like.
  5. Thanks for the mini-review. I liked their pineapple mango smoothie though it was a little on the sweet side and expensive. Blueberry Pomegranate sounds like it would have some tartness to it. I look forward to trying it. Yeah, I should have mentioned the tartness. It's not overpowering, but refreshing.
  6. They've been testing the blueberry pomegranate smoothies in my area, and I can attest that they are quite delicious.
  7. Anybody have an opinion on the Fish McBites?
  8. I'm also on the bamboo side. I expect to still be using my main board in 20 years. Bonus: bamboo is a very renewable resource.
  9. crinoidgirl

    Cooking for One

    Hmmmm. I thought everyone made very helpful responses to your OP. I cooked for myself only for over 20 years until I met my current partner. All of these suggestions have been good. You have met every reply to you with a stomp of your feet and a childish "No! That's not what I wanted!".
  10. I just saw this last night. It's Bud Light, with Clamato, lime, and salt. I tried it, because I love Clamato so much. It's very, very good, and I'm speaking as someone who previously would have thought that the combination of beer and something tomato-juice-based was disgusting.
  11. OMG! That might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  12. ^^^ This. I know I'm a very good cook, and most stuff I make is very yummy, but after being immersed in the sight and smell of the raw and cooked ingredients, I lose all of my appetite.
  13. Another vote for Evernote. You can have individual notebooks, you can tag, and you can use it from just about any device - your information is stored in their servers, and you can sync your device to them, thus getting around the problem of having to copy things to every machine you have.
  14. Lumpfish roe in a jar as you find it in the supermarket tends to be waaaaaaaaaaay oversalted crap, but it's what I ate until I grew up and discovered ossetra and salmon caviar. The farmed lumpfish is pretty good, but I agree that salmon gives you the biggest taste reward, especially if not oversalted.
  15. I second the Home Depot orange bucket. I'm a little older, so I have to make sure it doesn't get too full, or it's a pain to drag it out to the compost heap. But it's cheap and easy to clean.
  16. Just saw this thread. Nathalie Dupree wins my vote. I've been trying to watch her for many years. Absolutely cringe-worthy the way she manages to screw up just about every recipe. My two-year-old pit bull could do a better job.
  17. I've had three of them this McRib season. I love the fat. And the bbq sauce is actually not half bad. eta: The new bun is a little too hard, though.
  18. Doesn't look like it... Rosengarten report
  19. I've been meaning to subscribe for years, and was thinking about it again. Is it really worth that price tag? I could have a pretty decent dinner or bottle(s) of wine instead.
  20. Yummm. This makes me wonder if there's any way to get them here in Michigan.
  21. I have a buddy who would like to reproduce a sauce he's had before. Specifically, it was over tofu, and Korean. He describes it as sweet, and possibly with sesame oil. I'm sorry, I know my description is pretty sketchy, but can you give me (us) any ideas what it might be?
  22. Spanish cheese - it's used widely here in Detroit in Middle Eastern applications, mainly as pieces/slices on a salad, or in a pita sandwich (a salad sandwich is yummy!). It's slightly salty and mild. Think halloumi without the mint.
  23. crinoidgirl

    Freezing Bacon

    Like Janet, I cut the raw bacon package into quarters, which I then freeze. No need to thaw when you want to fry up a quarter - the slices peel off easily as they warm up in the frying pan. A quarter-package seems to be just right for one or two people. I hesitated to say quarter pound, since I don't think most supermarket packages nowadays are 16 ounces. Edited to add admonition on package size
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