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  1. Just as long as the local fire department and burn unit in the hospital are notified ahead of time, I say go for it!
  2. How does one sous vide such a large bird (serious question)?
  3. Keith_W, search for "sous vide chilean sea bass". It's the same fish.
  4. I ask also. No mint in Tabbouleh is like no chocolate in chocolate cake. The best (to MY taste, so your mileage may vary) tabbouleh I've ever had comes from a local Lebanese bakery. They don't use mint. They also use plenty of oil and lemon, which I like.
  5. Thanks for the mini-review. I liked their pineapple mango smoothie though it was a little on the sweet side and expensive. Blueberry Pomegranate sounds like it would have some tartness to it. I look forward to trying it. Yeah, I should have mentioned the tartness. It's not overpowering, but refreshing.
  6. They've been testing the blueberry pomegranate smoothies in my area, and I can attest that they are quite delicious.
  7. Anybody have an opinion on the Fish McBites?
  8. I'm also on the bamboo side. I expect to still be using my main board in 20 years. Bonus: bamboo is a very renewable resource.
  9. crinoidgirl

    Cooking for One

    Hmmmm. I thought everyone made very helpful responses to your OP. I cooked for myself only for over 20 years until I met my current partner. All of these suggestions have been good. You have met every reply to you with a stomp of your feet and a childish "No! That's not what I wanted!".
  10. I just saw this last night. It's Bud Light, with Clamato, lime, and salt. I tried it, because I love Clamato so much. It's very, very good, and I'm speaking as someone who previously would have thought that the combination of beer and something tomato-juice-based was disgusting.
  11. OMG! That might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  12. ^^^ This. I know I'm a very good cook, and most stuff I make is very yummy, but after being immersed in the sight and smell of the raw and cooked ingredients, I lose all of my appetite.
  13. Another vote for Evernote. You can have individual notebooks, you can tag, and you can use it from just about any device - your information is stored in their servers, and you can sync your device to them, thus getting around the problem of having to copy things to every machine you have.
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