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  1. Another Darto pre-sale, another $60 out of my bank. https://mailchi.mp/darto/darto-pre-sale-saute-pan-new-size-n30?e=934716f711
  2. Yeah, I was going to detail the issues of immolation...got busy with other stuff. Immolation is not good, highly not recommended. Still laughing about it though.
  3. Damage was minimal, and after I got through laughing at it with my wife I thought about running outside and rolling in the snow. But I just patted it out. Without drama. The pan is still a mess.
  4. This thread cursed my apron. My wife found a respectable ham shoulder at the market today. Bought it, cooked it, left quite a mess in the pan. But the ham was wonderful, so all is OK. My job was to clean the pan. Put in a bit of water, heated it up on the cooktop, left it sizzling (homage to John Prine there....) Did the dishes, took some of the soapy water and poured it into the pan. Left it sizzling.... (again, see above) Went over to scrape the pan to assist the clean, with my aforementioned apron on. Gas stove. Damn. I'M ON FIRE!!!!! Turned to my wife....said "I'M ON FIRE!!!!!" Yeah. Should have mentioned earlier that my mother handmade this apron 42 years ago. I'm betting she's laughing from above.
  5. What time did you say you were expecting us for dinner? I may be early.... The apron: Mine is 42 years old. Was made for me by my mother while iI was in Ceramics school. She had stopped by the studio one day and found me covered in mud after an afternoon of throwing pots (a typical look each day). Wasn't that bad, a little bit of air dry and it would either peel off or crack off. But she gifted me with a long, midway between ankle and knee, full size mattress ticking canvas apron, with pockets, lots of room, and lots of panache (mattress ticking, panache. never before in the same sentence). It's done triple duty being used when I have painting projects too.
  6. Description of eBook file formats...way too much information, but it looks like ePub format should work on Kindle and Apple devices? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats I purchased the 30 book bundle....tried to access the download site with my 11 year old iPad, seems there's an issue in doing so. Possibly outdated browser? I've been wanting a new iPad anyway, this may force it. And for those of you that like the history of restaurants, old inn cooking etc I highly recommend a download of this book: https://indianculture.gov.in/ebooks/john-fothergills-cookery-book He has other writings available somewhat readily by searching eBay and the websites of older book items. Very fun to read. Fothergill was an interesting guy. Very entertaining. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Fothergill_(innkeeper)
  7. I just happened upon this thread and now I'm $18 poorer. Actually quite a bit richer, looking forward to the two Flour volumes. Just need to find my iPad now.....
  8. This thread has the potential of being rather interesting. What I know about gas: I've got a house in a major northeast city, has been in our family ownership for over 60 years. The house heats with gas (converted over from oil many years ago), also a gas water heater. For years, over 40, there was a consistent odor of natural gas in the grassed area between the sidewalk and the street. The street is one of the city larger secondary roads. It was reported to the gas company many times, nothing ever done to rectify the issue. 25 years ago a large maple tree, the trunk not quite 2 feet in diameter at the base and probably 40 feet high (at least). The tree decided to snap at the roots and gracefully lean itself onto the roof of the house (the canopy of the tree, helped to cushion the fall onto the eaves). Minor damage to the house, but looking at the base it was clear that the roots were completely rotted. The soil was a crumbly grey consistency. Just 4 or 5 years ago the gas company replaced the main gas feed in the street and at the same time replaced every gas line from the street to each individual house. Quite the endeavor, and fun to watch. Many months of work. Once completed, there was in initiative to place disease resistant trees on the city streets. Doing our street they planted a sapling in the direct spot of the maple that hit the house. Wishing a couple of months it was dead, all the other trees newly planted on the street thriving. Called the city, asked for a replacement, and advised that they should look at the condition of the soil due to the decades old gas leak. I was able to meet up with the detail given the assignment of replanting, asked them to dig down a couple of feet by hand. Weeks later they replaced a good amount of soil in that area with new. We've a new sapling there for a few years now, seems to be doing well. Recently, putting in my Bluestar, I needed to extend the gas line (my wife wouldn't allow me extend it myself). I was quite amazed when watching the work done that he did not need any major tools to remove the black steel pipe while prepping the area. And in not major tools I mean he unscrewed the joints with his hands and a small sheet of rubber as a grip. This is in a 65 year old house.... Asking about this he told me this was very common. Black pipe, installed correctly with correct threads and a small amount of pipe dope was sufficient to be installed a strong hand tight. He did all of the leak tests, pressure gauge, bubble water, etc. No issues. Still a $500 charge though. And just last week I had my gas furnace apart to clean the orifice for the pilot light. Older furnace, pilot always burning to keep the thermocouple active (and that keeps the pilot lit). That said, this was a few years ago in Massachusetts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merrimack_Valley_gas_explosions Damn, long post. But I think what I was getting at was the problems with gas are probably not at your stove, but with how it's getting to you. Still a major problem. I think I've got a newspaper article from when the tree was on the house. I'll try to find it. It's somewhat related to cooking, I scavenged quite a bit of the wood for an outdoor fireplace?
  9. And here I am halfway through my second year with a Bluestar. Yes, eventually anybody using gas will be looked at as a pariah, but I expect to be long gone by then. Selfish? Maybe....
  10. OK....now we need to know what the joke is.....
  11. Exactly what I've been running into lately.
  12. Been seeing this also....and onions have been coming through in marginal quality lately too. I buy from many stores, in a wide area. Seems to be all over the area.
  13. Or "Where the hell did I put it?"
  14. CentralMA

    Dinner 2021

    Damn. Deviled eggs at Christmas? You've made this my new tradition.
  15. They've got quite a portfolio of businesses and brands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimbo_Bakeries_USA
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