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  1. Did a quick Google on these, one of the first hits was a link to Amazon. They've got a current offer, 2 for $5.99. https://smile.amazon.com/LARGE-Premium-Original-Danish-Dough/dp/B0881JW89D/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=(+"2+pack+13.5+inch+The+Original+Danish+Dough+Whisk%2CStainless+Steel+Dutch+Style+Hand+Mixer+Bread+Dough+Whisk"+)&qid=1620306669&sr=8-2 Must hit the thrift stores first though, I know I've seen them recently.
  2. And as long as I'm in the gloating stage, I found this just after New Years up at the MA/NH border. $40.00 Another garage queen, no porcelain chips. Early 2000's 22" Weber Performer Charcoal with gas assist for easy lighting. New never used 22" cooking grate. I've got the 5lb gas canister in the garage, it's out of date for refilling but I'll just needto grease a palm or two. It too needs a full clean, restore. Stainless nuts and bolts etc. Just one more project. My wife tells me I have a problem. Those barrels in the back? Gonna be rain barrels.
  3. You betcha. We love to gloat on that forum.... Been a member there for years, but primarily on the charcoal side of the world. Picked up my first gas Weber about 16 months ago, another vintage 2002 year Genesis.
  4. Yes. I'll be running a dedicated gas line under the deck for the grill. It will have an easy hose disconnect at the deck location. Last night I put a couple of things on the LP Weber (about the same vintage) I have in the driveway. Gas tank ran out. Put on another tank, half full that was acting funny a few months ago. Still acting funny. Into the house I go with the food to finish it up. I had been eyeballing this grill on Craigslist for a few weeks now. It was still there this morning, so I sent a low ball offer. It was accepted, to my surprise, as long as I could c
  5. Stocking up pieces and parts for a possible back deck off the living room I caved for a vintage Weber Silver sidewinder Natural Gas grill. Craigslist, well less than $100 (though I drove an hour to get it, then spent too much $$$ at IKEA), and this grill looks like it's been used 5 times in the past 25 years, and cleaned thoroughly each time. Very nice gentleman seller, we chatted for a good 1/2 hour after loading it in the car. It'll be broken down to it's parts, all nuts and bolts replaced with stainless, brass gas valves pulled apart and lubed. Repainted where needed
  6. We recently redid our kitchen, I intended to put another filter on the cold line to the kitchen to further condition the city feed. I put a whole house filter inline just after the meter and master shutoff when we moved in 30 years ago, basic filtering just to reduce the debris that can result from street work. I change that twice a year. Whole house filtering has done me well, my hot water heater is quite happy. Draining and flushing one a year shows very little sediment accumulation. The one for the sink will be used with a filter that will reduce the finer particles, possibly cl
  7. I took the soap dispenser head (pump) to a big box home improvement store, found where they sold the clear vinyl tubing, they sell in 10 foot length blister packs in the plumbing department. I do not remember the actual inside diameter I purchased, but I was able to test fit the intake on the pump to the tubing. It would not slip on, but it was close. Purchased, got home, placed end of tubing in just boiled water for 20 seconds or so then forced it on the pump. Cooled down it wouldn't budge, I figured that was a success. Cut it to the needed length, drilled a hole in the top of the Dawn b
  8. During a recent kitchen remodel I picked and installed a Delta Touch2o for the kitchen. On / off by simply touching the faucet assembly just about anywhere. Both my wife and I have gotten so used to it we curse all the other faucets we meet. https://www.deltafaucet.com/touch Not the same as a foot operated, but close? Another slight modification I made was to add a length of plastic tubing from the soap pump to a gallon (?) size Dawn dishwashing soap container. Saves the need to refill the fiddly little screw up container supplied with the pump assembly.
  9. My pan arrived that last week has been gotten daily use, seasoning well. Another month or so it'll be good to go.
  10. And an absence of my spouse. Just sayin'......
  11. Blame me. My wife is still giving me sh1t for this purchase.
  12. Well, I've got two. If you'd like you can have earrings. I imagine there's a way to private message me with your address they'll be sent on their way. I expect pictures, of course.
  13. Pans have arrived, just 14 days from shipping notification. The shipping box looks like it was kicked all the way here. Everything is intact, excellent shape. There was a rattle in the box, made me worried. But Darto included a couple of their keychain pans. Did a quick wash, then a soapy water boil on the stove. Hit all surfaces with Bartenders Friend, got all the gunk off. A quick seasoning top and bottom on both, on the range low heat. They're now in the oven at a moderate temp, I'll continue this for a few iterations.
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