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  1. Greetings. I've a 50+ year old Kitchen Aid K45 that's been sitting in the basement unused for the past 20 years or so. Was purchased new by my mother. Plugged it in to assess the device, in order to pass it along to my youngest. The machine makes a progressively louder grinding/clattering noise, under no load, no attachments, as the speed is increased. I've spent some time on the web looking at videos showing replacement part installs, cleaning and re-greasing, general troubleshooting. The brushes appear to be at 70% new. It appears pretty straight forward to disassemble and maintain...but does anyone have a real life scenario (or horror stories)? Or does anyone have a recommended mom and pop appliance repair shop in the Central Massachusetts area? I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance. All help and replies much appreciated.
  2. If you'd like some education on the background of the ways of cocktails you'd be best to do a quick search on YouTube for "New Olreans Best Cocktails", the dozen or so videos showing Chris McMillian at work. Each segment details the ingredients and the build of a classic cocktail. Save the Mint Julep one for last. It's as good as a Burns night offering the haggis. This link will get you there: https://tinyurl.com/NOLAChrisMcMillian
  3. Aldi

    My local Aldi's is opening up for the first time tomorrow after a 2 month modernization. I've been jonesing....
  4. Oils for seasoning Cast Iron

    It's not often that I need to season cast iron as much of my stock has been well cared for and passed down over the years. But a recent purchase of a De Buyer Mineral B got me thinking about how to get started. I agonized over this for at least a week. Each morning though I cooked up some bacon, a couple of eggs, then wiped out with some toast, and had breakfast. Eventually I forgot to agonize, and the pan was seasoned as it should be. My grandmother would be proud of me, doing it the way she would have, so it matches her pans in the rack. When I was in my late teens, back in the early seventies, I ran across a large deep cast skillet at the Salvation Army. An easy inch of solid carbon inside. Wasn't smart enough to burn it out, eventually chiseled it out, then a good sanding with varying grades of emery cloth and motor oil (yes...motor oil) to clean up the residue. That pan, 40 years later, is a pleasure to use. That one too got it's seasoning only through general use.
  5. Don't know if you've got HF or the like up there in Canada. We've been using one of these for a few years now. Able to handle the large bowl, seems to be accurate (how does one really know?), has held up well. Good to have around for determining mail costs, postage on larger items also. http://www.harborfreight.com/70-lb-32-kg-digital-postal-scale-95069.html