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  1. The byproducts of burning natural gas are CO2 and H2O, there will be humidity within the oven (one of the reasons my wife wasn't keen on going away from our electric oven). Do you have other local to your area possibilities that could "attack" your oven? Near the sea (salt air, a killer of outdoor grills), other excessively humid environment? Quick question: For the repair did the range need to moved, or was the fix able to be completed through the front of the oven? And I'm intrigued with your "homemade kitchen plumbing". Got any pics?
  2. EMichael, chromdome, thanks for the info. It was actually kind of what I expected when first seeing it. I've had that style jug in the past, blending most things was an endeavor. As it looks to be never used I may toss it up on Craigslist for a few more $$$ than what I paid. My wife will appreciate that, she gave me that look she always gives me and said "one more thing to clutter up the countertop?". I'm in the middle of a house cleanout, it's been in the family some 60+ years and has been the destination for other extended family goods looking for a place to retire for whatever r
  3. Tuesdays are old guy discount day at Goodwill. Picked this up, under $10.00. Waring 2 speed, with pulse. Best thing is it seems to disappear on the countertop. Edit: This was going to be an addition to an outdoor bar, if I ever build the deck. I have other blenders, so.... This looks brand new, I could flip it (and help pay for the deck) if I could find out it's real value. Waring 60th Anniversary, Model 38BL47. I've been trying to find info on the model, year, etc. No luck on the Waring site itself, and after an hour of Google immersion no luck. Any id
  4. If you will forgive me for bringing this topic possibly down to a lower state... It's common in the BBQing/Smoking communities to use bacon strips over other meats. Turkeys, meatloaf, even other pork products. I've always seen it as a "self basting" of fats and flavors to the end results. Does it go from exterior to interior? Probably not. That said, more than a few years ago I had a New Years Eve meal at the Stillwater in CT. Pork Bellies Confit was one of the courses. Oh my..... Oh my.... Mouth still waters.
  5. Only place I've found lard in a container is Walmart (gasp...). But it's wonderful stuff.
  6. Went out looking for pomegranates, everyone is saying they're out of season. Ah well.
  7. Well, I did it. It's my birthday in a week and a half, we had a wonderful day yesterday, and it's a nice pan. Ordered the Paella n.15 also (another $20, shipping stays the same so why not).
  8. This year, during a full kitchen remodel (small kitchen, I demo'd and installed all new goods) I treated myself to a BlueStar range. I didn't expect the difference in my cast and carbon pans going from an electric coil stovetop to a high output gas unit. The seasoning has gotten much better, just from use, even on pans I've owned for 40 years, and cast pans I've inherited through the family from the late 1800s. For paella I use the "standard" thin carbon steel pans. I've never worried about losing seasoning on thise pans, they get abused as I always do paella over a live fire using
  9. I never thought about pomegranate juicing with something like this, I'm more likely to squeeze lemons and limes for cocktail purposes. But homemade grenadine is nice to have, I'll give it a try and report back. We have a "used fruit store" nearby, where ugly and not quite overripe produce goes to die. Prices are very good and as long as you use the purchases quickly it works out. I've seen pomegranates there recently, I'll stop back there.
  10. Time to bump this thread. Quick stop to the local Goodwill this morning (I know, living dangerously) provided these: A quite stout lemon / lime / orange juicer, pretty heavy for it's size, looks well made. Needs a couple of missing rubber feet replaced. Plan on using it outside on the soon to be built deck off the back of the house. And a Bialetti Mucca Express 2 cup Latte / Cappuccino maker. Have never used one, seen one before. Looks like it was never used. Might be fun to play with, see how it produces. If I determine I don't like it I know people who wou
  11. Here's the link to Darto detailing the presale... https://www.dartointernational.com/pre-sale " The wanted mistake / Pre-sale Thicker than usual, same price as always We are happy to announce that from January 18 to 24 we’ll offer our traditional saute pan n.27 with 4mm thickness, instead of 3mm, at the same price (60 USD). This design was born by accident some time ago and we never did it again until now. As we know that many of y
  12. Cast iron oyster grilling pan https://www.outsetinc.com/products/oyster-grill-pan
  13. Late 70s I was working local restaurants, ended up working nights in a cocktail type place and through those contacts worked lunches in a little soup/salad/crepe place. Very popular with the "ladies that lunched" at the time. No more than a 40 seater place, we'd usually turn the tables twice each lunch. Limited staff, usually no more than 4 (including the owner), so we did it all. My primary job getting in the door was making crepes....depending on the expected days service it could be anywhere from 60 to 200. I got to be damned good at crepes. I'd use that the type of pan weinoo sho
  14. That's exactly what it appears to be. Think of this pan not as crepe manufacturing but as crepe assembly and presentation. This past year I acquired a table side service set, It has the Paul Revere embossed pan, looks like it was never used. The alcohol stove has shows signs of use. No maker marks on the stove unit. Pretty much solid copper, but probably "restaurant grade", for the trade. Still fun though. And no, I've not used it as yet. Maybe this summer.
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