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  1. CentralMA

    Breakfast 2021

    Okay. That one did it. Can I be Moe's best friend? Can I be invited for an overnight? I'll clean your bathrooms....whatever you need.
  2. I've got a couple of these that get good use. https://tinyurl.com/vollrathweight
  3. CentralMA

    Fresh Turmeric

    When I saw your original post with the pic of many tumeric it got me thinking... I've never used fresh turmeric. Powdered, yes. Never fresh. Did a quick Google of recipes, ran across what looked like a nice tumeric with green pea soup, and a chicken recipe exactly like the one you referenced, but on a different website (oh my, is there plagiarism on the internet?). Hit the not so local Indian Supermarket, picked up a packaged amount of fresh turmeric. And a bunch of other stuff, they've got the best prices around for fresh produce, other items. Had all of the other ingredients on hand at the house (with the exception of boneless thighs, another stop). Had fun, used the mandolin for the onions, micro grater for the turmeric. Basmati rice on the side, salad also. Came out great. Easy to put together (even went out for beer while it was on the 15 minute cooking stage, because you know, priorities). Tasty. I'll do it again, maybe adding a bit of fresh ginger next time. Thanks for the prod....and sorry for the terrible pic. My phone masquerades as a potato sometimes. And yeah. That's 3 Buck Chuck. 'Cuz if you're gonna cook with it you have to drink it, right?
  4. Where have all the thrifters gone? The last post in this thread was Feb 28th... There's a ReStore near the Aldi's I frequent, made a stop in there today. Found this for $2.50. Vintage NordicWare Krumkake Iron. Doesn't look like it has ever been used. : We have a young man about 10 years of age across the street that really enjoys baking, cooking, all things kitchen. My wife and I have him (and his sister) over frequently, this past Friday morning he was over to make a 4th of July cake, multi layers, multi colors of cake, did all of the assembly and frosting, decorating. He's usually a scratch baker, adept with the scale and knows how much a stick of butter weighs both in ounces and grams. I'll try to find a pic of that cake. Other times have been to make Strawberry Shortcake, Christmas cookies, Abelskivers, pancake breakfasts, etc. Outdoor cooking, smash burgers, hot dogs, all the fun things. So for $2.50 I couldn't leave it on the shelf. He's been wanting to do Abelskivers again, these will be a nice addition to my arsenal of weapons of kitchen destruction fun. Also picked up a very nice paring knife, real good feel to the handle, sharp edge and a little bit longer blade than usual. 49¢
  5. Not cheap out here on the East Coast. But they are beefy and tender.
  6. Exactly. But no pinquito beans, alas. Will make do with another. I should look into Rancho Gordo.
  7. Does my BlueStar count? Had it just a year now (or soon). Enjoy it more every day. And I even enjoy cleaning it.
  8. Nay nay....marinating right now for another 15 hours, then going on a Santa Maria grill over live high heat charcoal fire. Pull at medium rare. Sliced thin on the bias, avocado salad on the side.
  9. For a long time we had one local, Duffy's, sold the mis-goods from one of the larger grocery chains in the area. Lots of items, but you never knew what you'd find. Then about 15 yeas ago made a friend up in NH, he talked about the "used food" stores in and outside his town. Hit up those places many times, lots of good deals. Slightly dented, stained labels, off-runs, overstocks. Day old from local bakeries, scones, breads, etc. We're in a larger city of New England, the markets here will often put discount stickers on items in the meat case. Now known as "used meat". Just picked up a flat iron steak for very little money today.
  10. I considered it myself, but 30" hoods with the BlueStar logo start at $2000, can easily reach into $3, $4, $5K. When I located a NIB JennAir 30" 600CFM for the price I paid I did a little dance. And I don't like to dance....
  11. Wow. I hit the link and saw $250 for a slab of metal. I have something similar, possibly Lodge? I've used it once on the cooktop, and let it heat on the two burners (front and back, 22K and 15K right side) for an extended time on lowest setting. Again, only once, but I got good results. Next time might be better. I've been using a Weber branded two handled skillet (yeah, another thrift find...) that's fits over one burner. Again, leaving on lowest setting to evenly heat, then going for desired temp. I can only do 4 pancakes, or 4 arepas at a time. Such is life. https://grillpartsreplacement.com/products/weber-7421-gourmet-bbq-system-cast-iron-griddle-grate-for-22-5-inch-weber-charcoal-grills?currency=USD&variant=32509934567460&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5auGBhDEARIsAFyNm9GsGDJEkfDZ7hfPjoTKxZd_94GkEoUQImlWYmBEpWjolzdJrpsN730aAtZlEALw_wcB#&gid=1&pid=1
  12. Simple hood: I went with a JennAir 30" 600CFM that I found at a reseller. You may see a pattern here with me....my kitchen was in the planning stages for a couple of years, I was looking out for the needed equipment that I wanted. The hood, new in box, $300. Regular price would have been well over $1200 even at a discount. Simple controls, no LED display. 2 position for lighting (I changed the the halogen bulbs to LED soon after installation) and 4 position fan. Noisy as hell on 3rd and 4th, but that's what we're looking for, right? Stainless lined copper pans? Go for tinned, and be nice to them. And grease draining on a griddle. If you're doing bacon bacon bacon maybe look for another way. But basic griddle use doesn't need a lot of grease catch. Using heavy cast iron and heavy carbon steel implements is about containing the heat, regulating it. A heavy pan will hold the heat, a thinner (more responsive?) pan will not. A griddle put over a couple of burners will not be ready quick, it will need time to move the heat evenly to the better part of it. But once it's at the desired temp it will stay there with little fiddling.
  13. We've got several planchas, some cast iron, some rolled steel. So we have lots of surface to put in place if needed. For a number of years we've had this also, for outdoor use. As simple as it is it has shown to be very useful. Called a MoJoe, from a guy out in California. Gets blistering hot if you want it to. We use ours on a 22" Weber kettle, as on the left in the pic from their website.
  14. My wife likes a griddle for arepas, pancakes, bacon, flatbreads (as do I). Going from a 30" to a 36" would have taken up counter and cabinet space, something that was in contention at the time. Add in an expense of another $800 or so. But, now that we're here, we could have easily given up the counter and cabinet space, and the $800 wouldn't have been a dealbreaker. But, it was the time and place of a kitchen redo, with the majority of the design and actual labor our own. Not something I'd do again. Well, maybe I would. But I'd like to shoehorn in a 48" unit....that'd go over well.
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