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  1. Here's another. Prices are a bit high, but the quality of their products are excellent. https://www.arcadesnacks.com
  2. A buck a week? You're saying I'm going to live for another 96 years? I hope that's not true....
  3. I'll be sure to see that the installer adjusts the simmer. I'll be he. I'll be picking it up from the appliance dealer, transporting the range to the house, and overseeing the installation. Gas fitter will be there for the install, and hopefully the final city inspection will be scheduled at that time, signing off on it all. I'm looking forward to it all.
  4. Gotta say, this was the reply that pushed me over the edge. Do I really need it? 22K? Nah. Would I like it? Hell, yeah. Full size sheet pan? Do I need it? Nah. Would I like it? Hell, yes. What pushed me over the edge to the RNB? There was a need for the government to throw money at us, my wife and I eventually got the check. I decided to push those $$$ to a local small business that sells BlueStars, something I've been coveting for some time. Paid for 1/2 the cost of the range. I win, and the small business wins. As for towels on fire, I've had fire extinguishers in my kitchen for years now. Have never had to use them. Damn it, bring it on! Thank you Paul. Many thanks.
  5. Been a while. Tripped the hammer. A new 30" RNB is on it's way. Two 22K, one 15K, one 9K burner. Full size sheet pan size oven. Way too much money, but I got some concessions. Saved about 10%. Yay.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Some good questions here. Incinerating a cow? I might need a bigger hood over the range. How often do we wok? If we had the heat output we might a little bit more. I've been doing the majority of the renovations on the house myself. We've gone low cost in some areas with the expectation that we could put those savings into some upgrades. Lower cost: Ikea kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets (got creative there), bathroom sink. "Splurged" on some Ikea undercounted lighting, wifi enabled. Local builders store shower pan and surround, Did the plumbing modifications myself, with the exception of the gas line extension (safety). Haggled for best deals on the other appliances, did pretty well there. Lots of painting, interior renovations, etc. Possibilities of a large deck that'll hang off the back of the house, maybe 300sqft. All said lots of changes, but not so much money involved. That said, there are $$$ in the bucket for the range that I'd like to have in the house. It'll (hopefully) be my last one. If you've ever worked in a well equipped restaurant kitchen you'll understand that the power burners are the ones most used. Makes fast and easy work of cooking, with all of the adjustments you need. I'm thinking I could be happy with the base RCS, 15k burners. Going down the rabbit hole of mumkin's links it looks like with a little bit of chicanery and a couple of hundred dollars I could save eight hundred and have higher output. Still looking for input....I've not placed the order as yet. Thanks all.
  7. Long time lurker here, have made a few posts also. Looking for info, but most of all guidance. I've been doing a remodel on a 1950's ranch here in the NorthEast. We've owned the house for almost 30 years, paid off in full, looking now to return to it and "retire". Doing most of the work myself, but just had the electrician in to update some wiring, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Recent visit from the plumber to extend the natural gas line to the kitchen. We've purchased most of the appliances already, mainly Bosch. 24" fridge, 24" stacking washer/dryer, 24" dishwasher. Higher end JennAir hood over the range. There'll only be two of us living there (one if I don't get this project done soon....). I've decided on BlueStar for the range. We'll need to stay in the 30" size. Their 2 offerings I've been contemplating are the Culinary series and the RNB. I'm former restaurant worker, and like the simplicity of the open burner and the lack of touch screen controls. Culinary = ~$4k RNB = ~$5k Biggest difference between the two are (Culinary) three 15,000BTU burners vs (RNB) two 15,000BTU burners and one 22,000BTU burner. Both models have the "precise simmer" burner. Does the one burner with extra BTUs = $1k? I'm leaning to the RNB...higher temp for a wok, searing on iron, etc. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but she's on board with whatever we end up with. I'll still be running a fridge in the basement, also will have a "rental house grade" electric range available there. We do a lot of outside cooking, it's a walkout basement, these appliances will be for convenience and the occasional bake where electric would be preferred over gas. What say the experts? Attachment gives the features between the RCS (Culinary line) and the RNB. Open Burner Gas Ranges and Stoves | Commercial Quality Ranges | BlueStar.pdf
  8. This was a recent find also, well under $5. Due to the condition of the accumulated years of crust it was impossible to determine the maker, but it sure felt correct, and familiar in my hand. Couldn't lose for the price. The bottom is dead flat. A little paint remover soak under a plastic sheet I was able to wire brush through the crud. Appears to be a Griswold from mid-century? Not great pics, but they'll give an idea.
  9. Recent find at local Goodwill here in Central Massachusetts, for the princely sum of $6.99. Dualit toaster, what looks to be called a "bun warmer". A little damage on the top, but I may be able to pound that out or get a replacement panel. These look to be highly repairable, easy parts availability. Shined up nicely. Works perfectly. Red switch to designate 2 slot or four slot use, and a real tic-tic-tic mechanical timer. Does anyone know how to decipher the Model and Serial Number to determine age? ::EDIT:: Just saw the reflection in the toaster. Shined up nicely, eh? Good thing I had clothes on. ::And another EDIT:: After extensive Googling I believe the toaster was manufactured in the 42nd week of 2006. I have an email inquiry into the company to see if the damaged panel is available, and also verification of the date.
  10. Looks like ""The Original French Chef Omelette Pan", or a knock-off. If the former it will have that info on the base. Heavy aluminum, wood handle, end of the handle has a metal hanger that'll leave scars if you happen to touch it after it's been on the burner for some time. Ask me how I know. I found one at a Habitat ReStore a few years ago for about the same price you paid. Used it a couple of times, found I prefer carbon over aluminum. Still available I think: https://www.potshopofboston.com/collections/omelette eBay always has some listed at wildly varying prices. Or, I could be wrong. Quick edit: Julia kind of dissing this style. Seems at one point she had a falling out with the manufacturer.
  11. What? Pastrami crepes? Crepe carts? Oh my. https://www.telegram.com/news/20190318/weintraubs-worcesters-last-jewish-deli-to-close-french-creperie-moving-in
  12. Ran across this (forgotten) thread while looking for another on eGullet. Sorry for not responding earlier. Business is not mine, just thought it would be of interest to the eGullet community. The area of the city where the the deli sits was heavily populated by the Jewish community in past years. From wiki: "The congregation, which was incorporated on January 1, 1904, held daily worship services for two years in a cottage they had purchased at 32 Providence Street in the heart of Worcester's east side Union Hill neighborhood, where most Jewish immigrants to Worcester lived. " Water Street was predominately small businesses. Delis, bakeries, clothing stores, restaurants, all catering to the local population. Like most of these enclaves in cities, populations change. The area now supports a wide range of ethnicities. Boston Globe reported this back in August: "Following more than 12 months of rumored interest, the Red Sox Triple-A affiliate officially announced plans Friday to relocate to New England’s second biggest city beginning in 2021. The move includes a 10,000-seat new stadium in the city’s burgeoning Canal District and a new name — The Worcester Red Sox." The deli location is less than a 5 minute walk from where the stadium will be built. The stadium is expected to support more than just the seasonal baseball team. Rallies, concerts, other sports. It should provide a boost to the city and the Kelly Square area especially. And Worcester an unsafe city? Sure. Aren't all cities? I've heard New York City isn't the safest place to be either. Or Boston. Or Providence. I'm not sure what has happened with the deli at this point. Maybe I'll do a reconnaissance and report back. If you don't hear from me in a week or so alert the authorities, have them check the alleys and catch basins. 'Cuz it's Worcester, ya know?
  13. Still looking for for someone to take over the business... Things are happening in the immediate area of this establishment. PawSox (Providence RI) relocating to Worcester, a stone's throw from this location. Hotels, condos, apartments, businesses being newly built. http://www.telegram.com/news/20180829/weintraubs-sale-provides-new-lease-on-life-for-worcesters-last-jewish-deli
  14. Ran across this in the news recently, eventually decided to pass along the info here. Last true Jewish Delicatessen in Worcester (and maybe Central Massachusetts) nearing the end of it's days. Landlord is looking for someone to carry it forward. "The building and business assets are being acquired by local developer Ed Murphy who is looking for an operator to lease the space and operate the business. Owner David Mizrahi is committed to the future success of Weintraub's and is happy to assist a new operator. This is a great opportunity with the established Weintraub's brand that offers a low barrier to entry into the restaurant business. " www.weintraubsdeli.com http://www.telegram.com/news/20180720/weintraubs-landmark-jewish-deli-in-worcester-may-be-only-memory-by-end-of-summer Anyone here crazy enough to jump into the deep end feet first?
  15. If your husband is going in regularly for STD screening my feeling is that the titanium dioxide possibility is the least of your (and his) worries. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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