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  1. Things are still a bit unorganized, got to work on the basement for storage of lesser used pits, pans, appliances.
  2. gfweb: Lovely setup. Looks like it's half the size of the house we've been setting up for "retirement". 1950's 1000sf ranch. And as long as we're playing show and tell I'll add a couple of pics. And one tip: Think hard about the size of the range you'r looking for. For me, the 30" made sense due to the size of the kitchen. The price tag on the 30" sent my wife into a daily "well if you're going to spend that kind of $$$ on a stove ........etc..etc..etc. When it arrived and we got it in place I gave her the owners manual, showing operation etc. When she got to the page o
  3. I'm a recent owner of a BlueStar 30" RNB. My wife can't cook bacon on the stovetop without burning it, I can't get the bacon from the same package to crisp up. Not sure what either of us is doing wrong, but we'll figure it out. Different styles of cooking, if any appliance can show us the better way to do things I'm betting the BlueStar can. The BlueStar line is dead simple. The oven convection fan is a bit loud but not annoyingly. The amount of heat off the stovetop, and it's evenness, is incredible. We use older (70+ years) cast iron quite a bit, I noticed today that the seasonin
  4. Now there's a new marketing campaign. Sure beats the old one "Worcester, Paris of the Eighties" Next time in the area have your friends take you to Westboro. Arturo's is well regarded in the area, in business for 40 years.
  5. How often do you get to Worcester? And why would you if I may be so bold to ask? 40+ years ago I worked on Shrewsbury Street, had many a lunch at the Boulevard. Great pic by the way...it actually looks pretty clean. And many a 3AM visit too, after carousing around the city until 2AM. Lots of stories. And the Arturo's pic? That in Westboro? ~30 years ago I tended bar for a spell at the previous location in Worcester (their location previous to Worcester was in West Boylston).
  6. This could work: https://www.bigassfans.com
  7. What size are your windows? I know a guy who knows a guy....
  8. And it took 3 weeks, and a little bit of rattling the BlueStar cage, but the black knobs finally arrived. They're not asking for the stainless ones back either.
  9. It's been a long road... Plumber was here this morning to finish up the install. I was at the tool rental shop 8AM sharp to pick up the AirSled, back at the house by 8:45. Plumber was waiting for me at the house. He had told me 10AM, I had to scramble to get the needed height spacer blocks ready (AirSled stuff). Minor modifications to the initial gas install (and a little more after he left, but just to make some extra space through the floor so the gas line could move closer to the wall, not a lot of room behind these ranges), then plugged it in, purged t
  10. A quick Google for "Kitchenaid grease" will produce many hits. More than enough grease can be had for $10 - $20. And a quick search on YouTube for "kitchenaid mixer grease replacement" will provide the teardown info needed for getting the job done. Even if you have light mechanical skills it's very doable. And the end result is gratifying. My daughter and I recently rehabbed my late mother's 1960 era stand mixer that had not been serviced in the last ~60 years. The grease was like a rock, the mixer motor sounded like it was grinding rocks. A thorough clean
  11. We've always had good luck with a store local to us. They do mail order. Shows that they're Turkey origin. https://www.arcadesnacks.com/product/filberts-blanched-2/
  12. I sense there's a short story here worth reading.
  13. That reminds me. It's been over two weeks waiting for the correct knobs. Must give the appliance store a call.
  14. I decided to look into this. First called the appliance store, they had never heard of these, nor have ever needed them. And called me a little crazy for thinking I may actually need them. So then I called BlueStar direct. The customer service rep stated there was no such thing. I pushed that URL you noted to them, stating that is was in fact BlueStar produced. Put on hold, 5 minutes later the rep acknowledged that they do indeed exist. Part # SVR-AIRSHUTKIT-NAT. About $130.00 for the set. When I questioned that cost for 5 or 6 medallions the size of a half dollar, and that I was going to
  15. And I should have added if you want to really add another dimension to the spices find an Indian grocery store and find a stovetop spice and nut toasting vessel. I found one years ago that looked good, heavy carbon steel, capacity of about a half cup or so. Doesn't work so well on my current electric coil cooktop due to the rounded bottom, but soon I'll have my gas stove in operation, it'll be fine.
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