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  1. Thanks so much @pastrygirl
  2. Hello wonderful people. Can anyone help with this mold?
  3. I make a blood orange and cardamom caramel and use pure juice that is reduced down until it's about honey consistency. It gives an intense and delicious blood orange flavour.
  4. Yep, just edited my comment as I saw it was black garlic - should have guessed as it's what I'm working with at the moment
  5. blueberry? edited: oh just kept reading and saw it was black garlic - awesome. I am experimenting with black garlic ganache at the moment and next will be doing a black garlic caramel. Hadn't thought of adding rum.
  6. @keychris thanks for the suggestions. If either is the case then it looks like an accident rather than deliberate that they have a matt finish. I'm still going to have a try to recreate because even if this was not her intent I still quite like the muted look. I'll let you know if I get anything even remotely worth showing anyone
  7. Thanks @Bentley. I'll have a try and see what effect I get. I'm not sure that I actually want this effect on my normal bonbons but it might be nice to try it out on a few to see if people like it.
  8. OK, I'll play. I am such a newbie that I don't know how to do much of anything yet . I am getting the hang of the nice shiny, bright and vibrant bonbons (slowly) but I came across these on Instagram by Tara Zhang and I'm very taken with the subtle, muted colours almost like watercolour. Does anyone have any ideas on technique (perhaps finger painted) and the type of colours that may have been used - cocoa butter or other. Here's the link
  9. I love coffee and chocolate too. One of my best sellers is a dark chocolate with espresso and strawberry which sounds like a strange combination but it works
  10. I hunted for Sosa products in Australia and found some but no freeze dried caramel. So I sent a batch of my caramel off to my supplier of freeze dried fruit and they are going to freeze dry it for me as a test. Fingers crossed that it works. If so I will have a constant supply. And the best part is it only cost $4.50AUD per kilo for the freeze drying so it will be quite cheap for me. I already have lots of ideas how to use it. Thanks for the inspiration @Kerry Beal
  11. No longer my problem @Kerry Beal. She has decided to just buy my chocolate bars in plain cello bags and pack them herself - with her own branding. This is a win for me because I get the sales without the extra headache of worrying about paper and packaging. And if it doesn't work it wont reflect badly on me or my brand. I have passed on the advice given to me here and she's taking it all into consideration. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  12. Thank you Kerry. Again I really appreciate the help.
  13. Of course. Thank you for that. I'm glad I came here because you are all full of wonderful ideas and suggestions.
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