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  1. That is the way this was made. Put inclusions in the mold, “glue” it with a bit of tempered chocolate. When set, add chocolate for making a shell. Turn over to release extra coverture and let set before filling ( if filling).
  2. Thanks again. I think the first one will work for me, if I can find an insert or something to take up the extra 1/2”.
  3. Yes that is the right size. I appreciate this information Teo.
  4. Thanks for the resource Teo. I’ll scour the site and see if there is a match for the size needed.
  5. thanks for the resources. I’ll check them out. I won’t make a lot of these and prefer to sell them as a puzzle put together already for a more interesting presentation. If I don’t have to make a chocolate tray, that may be more efficient.
  6. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I’ll continue my search for the right dimensions. The ASB trays 8oz too big and 3 oz too small. However that is the right idea.
  7. Thanks Teonzo. I really was thinking of serving it up in a chocolate tray. Maybe overkill.
  8. I am trying to figure out how to make a chocolate tray to hold Chocolate puzzle pieces that fit together but don’t lock tight to each other. For packaging purposes they need a base to keep them together, so my idea is a tray. I’ve trolled the internet for solutions and came up empty. The 4x4 x .75 inches is approximate finished size. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  9. Vanilla bean caramel piped in top, made the moscavado sablee ( MC recipe) cut into squares. Second layer was a bit of pecan gianduja piped in and placed the cookie piece and on top of that and final layer of gianduja, as per Jim’s suggestion. Used Zephyr Caramel coveture. I’ll probably tweet the recipe for a caramel ganache for a softer layer and overall balance. Thanks for all the advise.
  10. Good suggestion. Thanks!
  11. Thank you. There is a similar recipe on CB site I found.
  12. Yes, thanks. I may work with parts of this recipe. Much appreciated.
  13. Do you have a link? I found a bar on CB wesbsite, although not quite what I’m after.
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