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  1. Thank you! Yes I usually do but wanted to try something different. It wasn't bad just too thick for my liking. I might try a less thicker version next time or just go back to my usual
  2. Made an entremet for a get together/baby announcement over the weekend . Mirror Glaze White chocolate mousse Strawberry confit Strawberry cremeux Raspberry Madeleine I'll probably switch out the Madeleine for something else next time. Still delicious πŸ˜‹
  3. I realized I had never tried a blondie and had to remedy the situation
  4. Thank you. I used the pastry cream recipe from crumbs and doilies on YouTube. I replaced the milk in the recipe with mostly orange juice concentrate. Maybe 40/60. I figured it would work as well as cooking down some orange juice. It added a nice tartness
  5. Orange Religieuse - filled with an orange pastry cream and orange marmalade, piped orange ganache montΓ©e, candied orange piece.
  6. I tried a rocher type glaze on my pumpkin bread. I didn't think I would like the chocolate and pumpkin combo as others do but I really enjoyed it. I used Jivara and some candied pecans. I will definitely dip next time as opposed to pouring the glaze
  7. I'm a little obsessed with passion fruit filled macarons. I also made a coconut milk white chocolate ganache for the centers of some of them.
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