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  1. Thank you. I love the look of it. I remember making this tart in school and loving it! Is there a reason why you used a gelatin thickened glaze as opposed to the Pectin NH?
  2. @Patrick S How thick are you rolling out your dough for the tart shells?
  3. I know the snow has already started but since I usually limit my intake of pumpkin bread to just during the fall months I tend to extend it just a little into winter to get the most out of my favorite quick bread. Eta: Woah, did not expect it to be that big lol. Is there a perfect size for posting?
  4. Just gorgeous! What brand colors are you using? Chef Rubber? I'm trying to find some good colors to experiment.
  5. Dacquoise mold help

    Are you looking for something like a chablon or are these completely different? You can check here or even amazon. I know they're mostly for chocolate but at work we even used them for coconut macaroons.
  6. I don't know if anyone has suggested eBay, but you can find many poly-carbonate molds on there. I bought most of the molds I have now from ebay, both regular molds and the magnetic ones.
  7. Texture sheets for chocolates

    The texture sheets are not cut though. You place the chocolates close enough that you can place the entire sheet on top. But yea I guess option 1
  8. Texture sheets for chocolates

    I guess sort of option two but neither. During my internship we made a lot of chocolate. Chocolates like the ones in the picture go through the machine and get covered with chocolate and then we just placed the textured sheet on top and sometimes softly tap with the wooden end of a brush. Everything is allowed to cool and then the sheets are peeled off.
  9. It's a neutral nappage, some water to thin it down then mixed with some color (I think we used oxide de titane because we made white to go on top of chocolate). And yes to the 65oC as well. We did it in class once or twice. I'm sure there's probably more than one way to get the effect.
  10. Liquid eggs in Choux?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought those kind of products are usually just egg whites with some coloring. Maybe the lack of the yolk ( the lecithin helps with the emulsification of the fats and water) is what is causing the problem. Eta Just read Lisa's post, it seems she was able to make it work, hope you will figure it out as well