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  1. do these things really work? My problem is not only do my layers dome at the top, but they also don't come to the top of the pan. Will they correct this?
  2. something else ridiculous to do with krispy kremes: deep fry(again) when they are a day old or more: amazing what happens to the texture... Top with a scoop of ice cream...i had this the first time at 3rd street diner in Richmond, then have made it at home since...
  3. phlawless

    Collard Greens

    You coul chiffonade them (better when they are young this time of year: not as bitter) and quick saute with olive oil and garlic. This doesn't work well with the thick outter leaves. Another use is to again chiffonade then fry in a couple of inches of peanut oil, remove and season while still hot. Another: cook down and use as a filling for a savory crostata with goat cheese (this would require a hefty amount)
  4. I have a new source for fresh rabbit and I wondered if anyone has used it to make traditional brunswick stew. Does one use the whole rabbit? Anyone with experience or info please reply.
  5. I am also a fan of the immersion blender, and i grew to love my cherry pitter. The 2 gallon taylor ice cream freezer was heaven sent...
  6. Last year we redid our kitchen and splurged majorly on a 36" DCS range. I justified it by convincing myself that the added oven space would allow me to do more wedding cakes at home, therefore paying for itself within a couple of years. Did I actually HAVE to have it? Of course not...I'd been doing cakes out of my crappy oven for years. But......I absolutely love having 6 burners that go up to 16K BTUs, and I don't know how I ever lived without convention. Has it made me a better cook? No. But it's much easier and much more fun. One thing you also might have to consider, we had to put in a larger gas line, which added another $600 to the cost.
  7. I have found that saturating the spot with dish soap works really well...
  8. I have a fantastic yet incredibly vulgar joke appropriate to this thread...pm me if you'd like to hear it!
  9. phlawless

    raw peanuts

    i don't understand how you use raw for peanut brittle...I've always made it with roasted...explain
  10. you could use black tea instead, then have more options...candied ginger, lemon, or orange for example.
  11. phlawless

    raw peanuts

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could do with raw peanuts other than roasting or boiling (yuk!!!) them? I've seen them at the farmer's market and wondered if they are used any other way.
  12. great! I'm grill roasting a chicken as I write and I thought I'd forego heating up the kitchen. Thanks to all!
  13. so I've had this countless times, but have never made it myself...is this how you do it?: soak unshucked corn 10 minutes grill over medium heat for 15 peel back husks and coat cob with mayo/chile blend sprinkle with queso anejo or cotija re'wrap' cobs and grill for another 5-8 minutes. I want to make this for dinner tonight, so if anyone is an expert, I'd love to know soon!
  14. In the southeast, they sell them at Harris Teeter and at Earth Fare. A whole chicken runs 2.19/lb for the organic, the conventional is 1.99
  15. Yes, it is on Hillsborough Rd right after the 15th st. intersection in a crappy little 3 shop strip. But don't let the atmosphere fool you, this place is great! Nothing more than a counter, 4 or 5 commercial freezers, and a grease board. Everytime I've gone, it's been full of kids (of course) with the adults usually going back for seconds. (The small priced at $1 is about 8 or 10 licks at best, I sometimes have 3!) Maybe I'm partial, since I've always favored sorbet/sherbet/popsicles over ice cream, but it's pretty much a dream come true for me. What I've had: mango chile cucumber chile chocolate chile mojito nana nilla mexican chocolate creamy lime pomegranate hibiscus avocado grapefruit basil the only one that wasn't stellar was the avocado, and only cause the fruit must not have been ripe.
  16. This place is wonderful!! I've been three times now and have not been disappointed yet. The mojito is by far my favorite, followed by the chocolate chile...hurry to loco pops!!
  17. love em love em love em...I too just s&p them and they are fantastic!!! My favorite way is to cut the whole bird in half and grill; yummy!!
  18. phlawless

    Ham Biscuits

    like what has been said in previous posts, they probably were angel biscuits, which are 'triple' risen; meaning they use baking powder, baking soda, and yeast as leaveners. They also include shortening as well as butter. I personally can't stand shortening, so I replace it with equal amount of lard, which contributes to the lightness. Also, using White Lily flour will ensure an un-leaden biscuit.
  19. I think they chose Deborah so Dan and Steve would win, hands down...Deborah was a complete ding-dong and had nothing to really contribute to the network (honestly, I wasn't all that crazy about Dan and Steve anyway: there schtick is going to get very tired very fast...why do all the shows have to have some kookoo in a studio kitchen??)
  20. my schedule is painfully open...as long as you don't mind an adorable 9 week old as a tag along.
  21. So where is the really good stuff? I've only been living here for just under a year, and I don't know where to go to get my taco fix. Who has suggestions?
  22. sounds like you're over folding or your oven temp is off...
  23. I was looking online for a good ranch dressing recipe, and came across a site that claimed to recreate the Hidden Valley flavor by using ground saltines. Anyone seen/heard/tried this?
  24. my vote would be for uglesich's as well...make sure to get a bloody mary!
  25. Working in Durham while living and dining (mostly) in Raleigh allowed me a unique perspective on the triangle dining scene. I don't know how much this affects the individual diner, but there is a definite lack of 'community' in Raleigh that exists in Durham/Chapel Hill among restaurants. There is a greater exchange of communication, a shared labor pool, interest in product providence...overall a friendlier feeling among restaurants...not to say that a healthy air of competition isn't present. Maybe this has to do with the ratio of franchise to indies that have flourished in Raleigh and the chasm that would naturally arise between them. ChefSwartz: I worked as the pastry chef under Karen for seven years...I left in February to have a baby. Sorry to say that I haven't heard enough about you to remember!
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