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  1. if you have others recipes, do not hesitate to post them I posted on the 'fancy mocktails' thread one year ago but didn't get any answer maybe I'll try it here :
  2. I found those recipes a few weeks ago they seem quite interesting, really need to try them
  3. Uses of Gum Arabic

    @FrogPrincesseI bought it from an aromatherapy shop I guess its viscosity is not that extreme afterall and it is just that I was not used to see something like that it's pretty much as the gif at the end of this article shows thanks
  4. Uses of Gum Arabic

    I made my first batch of gum syrup 2-3 weeks ago using Morganthaler's recipe so much darker. Anyway, the color is not really a problem. The texture however is reaaaaaally well... "gummy". I mean, if I have to empty my half a liter bottle (same as yours frogprincess), I guess it would take more than a whole minute to do so. Then, I asked myself if it is supposed to be that thick ?
  5. Aperitivo Americano

    Indeed, I saw the users' comments but not the note. Thanks.
  6. Aperitivo Americano

    I really would like to try this one it asks for Chinato. Can I substitute it with something else? Maybe a mix of vermouth and suze?
  7. Neisson 15 or even 21 year old are much more expensive and some vintage single cask can also be pretty costly too
  8. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    wow that's... green
  9. The Last Word

    The citrus is present, as a twist. It is indeed not a sour but it can be denied that it is in fact a last word variation
  10. The Last Word

    Saigo no kotoba, it means "Last Word" in Japanese. A recipe found in the Experimental Cocktail Club book. 30ml of Nikka Pure Malt White (I used Nikka from the barrel) 15ml of Yellow Chartreuse 15ml of Maraschino Garnish with a lime twist. The recipe asks for a shake instead of a stir. Since half of the drink is pretty sweet, extra dilution is, I guess, necessary. Stirred, the drink would also be too "syrupy". It was still sweet but not too much. Adding more whisky wouldn't be a bad idea. But once again, when would it?
  11. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    Luigi cocktail 5cl of gin 3cl of dry vermouth 3cl of clementine juice 1 bsp of Cointreau 1 pinch of sugar (I skipped the grenadine) really refreshing and quite subtle. The drink was a tad boozy for a shaken drink though. Happy new year everyone !
  12. I've really got to try those kind of recipes which ask for 1/2 or 1 oz of angostura bitters the Trinidad sour seems to be really interesting however, I'd find difficult to use 1/2 an ounce of Xocolatl Mole bitters
  13. Le Gigot Flip I didn't put enough sugar so it was quite dry and also considering the Santa Teresa rum which is not the sweetest one. It was pleasant but I found the cherry notes to be rather discreet. The texture was interesting, it was my first flip
  14. I made mine a few months ago using the book the recipe is the one they published.
  15. Drinks! 2016 (Part 1)

    the martinez, definitely one of my favorite ! I never had the chance to try the Tanqueray's old tom though. Can you describe it or maybe do a comparison with Hayman's version?