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  1. This is a great whisky indeed. Also, it pairs well with a dark chocolate dessert 😉
  2. well, it seems that I did not use the proper amaro once again (it is Difford's fault this time 😝) Sam Ross's recipe calls for ' Nonino Quintessentia amaro ' which I guess should be less sweet than montenegro
  3. Paper Plane It is supposed to be lemon juice instead of lime but I didn't get some at this moment. The recipe calls for equal parts but I put a little bit more of citrus and it was still too sweet, had to add 2 ice cube in the glass 😅 Also, I took the opportunity to try Montenegro neat and wow that was something ! I definitely wasn't expecting this taste 😁 a mix of a more conventional maro and some chemical soda but it was actually quite good haha
  4. Cherry and apricot, wow Although this ratio seems to give you quite a sweet drink. I think reducing the liqueur a bit would get something more balanced.
  5. Wow that's an audacious recipe, I would have never imagined mixing smith and cross with green chartreuse. And to add ginger to that 😮 I really can't imagine how this would taste. Ok now I have got to buy ginger liqueur 😩
  6. The Martinez is probably my favorite cocktail. I wanted to give it a try a twist with 'rhum agricole' and it was quite tasty. It was too sweet though, I used the 2 parts vermouth and 1 part gin recipe. Got to try it again with equal parts.
  7. I initially wanted to post this one on the cucumber drinks topic - where I saw your Cobble Hill - but got mixed up I was so sure that the recipe called for Averna I noticed after that you used Montenegro instead of Averna An yet, I bought both bottles this summer in Italy so I could have done it right, next time This version was quite tasty though And to be honest, I don't even know how Montenegro actually taste. I have tried averna on the rocks last year and I thought it was pretty good.
  8. Made this a few days ago, à smoky manhattan twist The Meat Hook 1,5 oz of Rittenhouse 100 (I used Bullet) 5/6 oz of Punt e Mes (I used noilly prat) 1/3 oz of Ardbeg 10 (I used Laphroaig 10) 1 bsp of maraschino
  9. Cobble Hill A really refreshing Manhattan twist
  10. funny, martinez for me yesterday night
  11. I had to try it! Twist of the Bijou, an old one that I am fond of, this was definitely not a disappointment, love it!
  12. I think that this one is actually an apricot liqueur even if it has the name brandy in it (25% ABV and it is pretty sweet). The word 'brandy' is specific to the US if I am not wrong.
  13. Finally got to try the famous Flor de Jerez ! I have to say I'm a little dissappointed. It is really good don't get me wrong but I guess I expected it to be 'funkier' Maybe I'll try this with S&C
  14. never tried those room temperature cocktails. Have to try this one !
  15. does it really cost 30 bucks a bottle in the US ?
  16. my last order I usually have dolin for sweet vermouth but I'd wanted to try the Noilly. I also took Lustau out of curiosity. Amontillado and Manzanilla are a first for me. I'm finally going to try the Joaquin Simo's Flor de Jerez ! For the rye, I always get the rittenhouse when I find it, hope the bulleit won't disappoint me
  17. if you have others recipes, do not hesitate to post them I posted on the 'fancy mocktails' thread one year ago but didn't get any answer maybe I'll try it here :
  18. I found those recipes a few weeks ago https://www.supercall.com/recipe/salted-rosemary-paloma https://www.supercall.com/recipe/this-mocktail-features-turmeric-cilantro-and-pineapple they seem quite interesting, really need to try them
  19. @FrogPrincesseI bought it from an aromatherapy shop I guess its viscosity is not that extreme afterall and it is just that I was not used to see something like that it's pretty much as the gif at the end of this article shows https://cocktailgeni.us/2015/04/23/gum-gomme-syrup-the-easy-way/ thanks
  20. I made my first batch of gum syrup 2-3 weeks ago using Morganthaler's recipe so much darker. Anyway, the color is not really a problem. The texture however is reaaaaaally well... "gummy". I mean, if I have to empty my half a liter bottle (same as yours frogprincess), I guess it would take more than a whole minute to do so. Then, I asked myself if it is supposed to be that thick ?
  21. Indeed, I saw the users' comments but not the note. Thanks.
  22. I really would like to try this one http://www.kindredcocktails.com/cocktail/campari-swizzle it asks for Chinato. Can I substitute it with something else? Maybe a mix of vermouth and suze?
  23. Neisson 15 or even 21 year old are much more expensive and some vintage single cask can also be pretty costly too
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