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  1. On 1/18/2021 at 1:44 PM, heidih said:

    We were all bay traumatized for a while. 

    I heard/read somewhere Julia Child saying, "California bay leaves are TOO STRONG!"


    It disturbs me that I can't quite remember the source of this (would've had to be a recording for me to hear it in her voice) -- but that's another thread . . . .

  2. On 1/11/2021 at 4:33 PM, heidih said:

    I tend to quickly broil thinner fish fillets and some peel under them, and  squeeze of juice at service - much more than sum of parts. 

    ooh!  I'm gonna do that this weekend with these flounder filets I have in my freezer.  

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  3. I am so glad for this question.  I bought a pork belly for the first time a couple of years ago in order to make salt pork.  You could not see any hairs on the outside of the skin layer, but I did something which entailed an inadvertent shear into the skin, and saw basically what Kim Shook posted.  I nearly screamed!  I could not believe I was supposed to be eating this, I've never encountered a hair-like anything on a piece of cracklin. 


    I was too embarrassed to post here, and also too embarrassed to call the butcher; I assumed I was off in my expectations and I HATE seeming squeamish (even when I am, in fact, squeamish).


    I haven't eaten any of that rind, just sayin'.  I peel it off before the fry. 

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  4. I think benne seeds is another name for sesame seeds; apparently slaves and their descendants called them "benne seeds", so maybe "benne" is a derivative of the word from a west African language.  


    And in my experience,  any field pea is an excellent substitute for cowpeas.  Or, pigeon peas, if you can take the funk.  

  5. For those who use the recovered potato starch as a binder -- do you use ALL the starch???  It seems like a lot.  


    If I had grown up with these, I'm sure I'd know the correct texture when I saw it.  But I'm travelling here.    

  6. Wow.  So.Friggin'.Beautiful. 


    Over here, my rice is in RubberMaids.  I have a long-grain mass-produced one, and a shorter-grain mass-produced one.  I can't keep up with too many rices.  I have that Seductions of Rice book [mine is an original, and it has the cover with the bowl of rice on it]; when I first returned to NYC I figured I was gonna go deep into rice, so much of it being genuinely available here.  But it never happened.


    My rice is altogether uninspired.  And it lives in RubberMaids.  

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  7. I can't quite believe I'm saying this, because I perseverated for a full decade before breaking down and purchasing one, but:  the stand mixer.  For a year -- maybe 18 months -- I used it to make a lot of bread, which benefits from a true, anchored dough hook.  


    And then, life kicked me over to the low-carb lane, so . . .


    Sigh.  I now make nothing that cannot be done just fine with a hand-held mixer.  Nothing whatsoever.  I make maybe two batches of cookies and not even two cakes a year.  


    In fact, I think the thing is going on my 2021 ebay pile.  This little exercise was useful!

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  8. I enjoyed this article, and know that a number of members here share aspects of this history:




    And -- for all I know, Travis Milton is a member here.  In which case -- kudos.  Your work is inspiring.  And those "leather britches" are intriguing.  

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  9. The pumpkin was in the dark corners of my freezer from TWO YEARS AGO.  It had been roasted and pureed and, I thought, well-drained. 


    Did I mention how old it was?  


    I don't actually like pumpkin all that much, except in pumpkin ravioli. Which, as you may have deduced, I never actually got around to actually making.


    I need to get this freezer kinda clear for the New Meat.  Which is how I found those two cups of roasted pumpkin.   


    Embedded in applesauce, dehydrated -- it tastes, honestly, excellent.  I might improve things with sweet potatoes, but I am fine with this here pumpkin function.

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  10. @HungryChris in 'da house:




    You may be curious about that insanity passing for a lid.  It turns out I don't have any regular-mouth lids.  I have a lot of one-piece storage lids in general, so it never even occurred to me that I didn't have two free, tonight.  It turns out they are all In Service, every last one.  


    Also --  that strange color is due to the fact that these are the Ball blue jars.  My random uptown hardware store had them, in fact they were the only jars around.  I don't usually pay extra for stuff like blue glass, but I did since it was my only option.  I believe this is called a win-win in capitalism.   


    I am making a pile of winter hiking snacks involving apples; beyond that, I guess I'm not doing anything else preserve-ish until spring.  


    On Edit:  WAIT! Saurkraut.  I was waiting for some kind of frost.  There may have been some frost up the Hudson Valley, so maybe next weekend I can get some saurkaut going.  Yes, kraut. 

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  11. I am having trouble getting a real rise in thawed dough, so it was useful to read the tip here about upping the yeast.  I do fine with frozen breads that have already been baked.  


    But I'm wondering about frozen biscuits?  I brought frozen biscuit dough to NC Thanksgiving last year, and they came out like bricks.  I was really shocked, and also embarrassed. 


    I think I'm going to try frozen finished biscuits.  Is this a fool's errand???  Any expert counsel on successful freezing of biscuits?

  12. Seconding the BRILLIANT. 


    Thanks, guys.  It's the tail end of the pepper season here (per the farmer's markets), and a friend who I'm planning to covid-visit (pre-game quarantine, testing, etc.), needs Shelby's Cowboy Candy as an arrival gift.  So I am especially glad for this sleuthing.


    Meanwhile, you know what I need.  I need one of those Master-Preserver types to update the recipes from the "Preserving" Volume of the Time-Life "Good Cook" series.  There are some really interesting-sounding concoctions in there.  But I think you're not really supposed to use outdated recipes, or whatever.  Sigh . . . .


    Hang in there, everyone.  It seems like it's gonna be a long winter.  



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